China’s “grand prize” is flickering, health physiotherapy service vanquor booster disease … On the eve of Chongyang Festival, Sichuan Provincial Protection Consumer Rights Commission issued a typical case of old-age consumption complaints, reminding the elderly to vigilant “trap”.

On the 13th, the Sichuan Provincial Protection Consumer Rights Commission held a typical case of the elderly consumption complaints. (Xinhua News Agency, Dong Xiaohong photo)

老人中“大奖”却被忽悠 四川消委会提醒警惕老年消费“陷阱”

According to statistics from Sichuan Provincial Protection Consumer Rights Commission, in recent years, the elderly consumer complaints are more prominent in health products, financial investment, TV shopping and other aspects. Some unscrupulous operators have passed unconfirmed, misleading, promise is not honored. Means, misleading seniors consumption.

The reporter learned that the 78-year-old Chen Dafa recently received a courier containing health products leaflets and a prize scratch card. Chen’s uncle scraped the results showing the first prize in “Hi”, the prize is “natural black gallstone magnetic necklace bracelet set”, and the advertising will declared long-term wearing a magnetic health effect on the human body.

After Chen Dawn’s prize on the advertising sheet, after the call, a person who claimed to be Dr. Li was on the phone. Congratulations to Chen Uncle Chen, said that the prize will then post it, and take the opportunity to Chen La. Recommend “new drug” of various diseases, the original price of 2980 yuan is only 1490 yuan! I can’t help persuade, Chen Dawei promised to buy a set, I ate 2 bottles after receiving the goods, but I didn’t feel any effect, and I realized it.

The reporter learned that in recent years, there have been specializes in the scams such as the Chinese “Award” and “Ancestral Recipe” in the elderly. The scam has concealed and deceptive, and the majority of elderly friends need to be vigilant.

The Sichuan Provincial Lawyers Association Protection Consumer Rights Committee, the deputy director of the Consumer Rights, reminded the consumption scam of the elderly, the spending scam of the elderly, the illegal operator mainly uses the elderly to have idle money, prevent awareness, etc., usually organize tea chat, give gifts, gifts, gifts, Free travel and other activities, attract the elderly to participate, and then use the second step by step, one step, the elderly, more health care, investment wealth management, telecommunications network field; at the same time, it is recommended that the elderly will usually collect during the transaction involving property. Verify the other party’s industrial and commercial registration address, staff identity information, etc., avoid being deceived. (Reporter Dong Xiao)