What to wear under a winter coat?

If the weather is about 10 degrees, you can also take turns in sweatshirts and shirts, and when the temperature is close to zero, I just want to wear sweaters, and I give full marks on the warm and versatile index.

Especially in such cold weather in winter, get up in the morning and wear a soft and warm sweater to go out with peace of mind.

However, there are thousands of styles of sweaters, and once you choose the wrong one, it can easily become a disaster scene.

Liya took the practical pie route and bought pieces

Good quality, stylish and classic sweater

, can be worn for several years out of style, and take out in winter like new.

How to pick? I teach you.

The tight sweater almost fits the curve of the body, exposing the problem of body shape, and the Oversize is too loose to see the body line, and the sense of volume as an inner layer is too large, which is more swollen and bloated.

Winter sweaters, Liya will choose

Fitted fit

, very inclusive of the figure, whether tall, short, fat or thin.

The length of the sweater is also very important, I prefer the length just above the crotch,

Covers the flesh without showing a wide crotch

, or the way to wear the “stuffed corner”, emphasizing that the waist line is very high.

I don’t know if you feel that some clothes have not been worn for a few days, and they are replaced by other Internet celebrities, thinking that they are catching up with the trend, but they are actually spending money indiscriminately.

Instead of buying one street hit after another, choose one


The basic model can accompany you quietly and with a sense of presence for several winters.

The simpler the design, the longer it lasts, and the focus of minimalism is to emphasize the fit and texture, using simple basic pieces to create a sense of premium.

Solid color sweater

Low difficulty with collocation

, basically there is no threshold to control, you can have one piece per person.

Why do some sweaters look “cheap”? Liya gives you an intuitive look at the comparison.

The sweater with a rough knit texture has a feeling of swelling and can only be worn alone, and it is not warm at all.

And a sweater with fine stitches

The sense of volume is relatively small

Whether it is worn alone or underneath, there is no pressure, and it looks thinner and thinner.

When it comes to sweaters, a lot of people’s reactions are

Pilling, static electricity, dressing piercing

, when taking it off, a spark with lightning all the way, fried to the point that it can’t work.

That’s because the fabric is too low and too bad.

▲ Pilling after washing

The fabric of the winter zui stick is of course cashmere, soft and warm, but the price is very expensive, and an ordinary cashmere knitwear in Ordos costs thousands of yuan.

Most of the sweaters on the market are made of acrylic fabric, and the material of chemical fiber is relatively cheap, but the problem of pilling static electricity cannot be solved.

Liya is going to put on a new sweater this time

Rabbit fleece core yarn material

, combines the advantages of both fabrics: the skin-friendly feeling is particularly good, the wearing is comfortable and warm, and

Antistatic, non-balling

, the price is also much more friendly.

There are a total of 3 colors to choose from,

White is fresh, black is thin, red is eye-catching

, to meet the daily variety of collocations.

Think about the upcoming Christmas, New Year’s Day, and New Year, it is necessary to buy a red sweater, warm and warm, and a very strong sense of visual impact (as an aside, you guys have the custom of wearing red in this year)

Especially in the dull outfit in winter, it is easy to wear a sense of fashion and become the focus of the crowd.

Compared to other large red items, red sweaters are quite friendly to most girls.

But, how to wear a red sweater so that it is not dirty? Liya suggests starting with color matching.

▍ Sweater + pleated skirt + boots

Style: Youth Campus

The classic color scheme of red + black, whether it is a runway or a fashion magazine, is a timeless king fried combination.

Replace the jeans you usually wear with a pleated skirt, and suddenly you have the delicate feeling of a girl.

The more basic the sweater, the more outfits you can unlock, put on a checked painter hat, and transform into a street pictorial girl.

The same color bag and the texture of the metal chain add a lot to the whole look, which is the degree to which the elders will praise the good look when they see it.

The attributes of the sweater are relatively soft and feminine, and you can match it with a tough and neat suit to create a feminine and fashionable feel.

The inner layer is not so high-end and textured when changed to other colors, and this red sweater is really the finishing touch.

▍ Sweater + long skirt + down jacket

Style: Elegant French

To try the French vintage style, all you need is a red sweater.

Liya really loves this color, it is darker, it doesn’t feel too hard, and

Comes with a whitening filter

, very temperamental.

The fairy who is worried about thick legs and not straight legs, like me, with irregular knitted skirts, elegant and generous, can not see the problem of leg shape at all.

Small details bring a sense of sophistication, you can add a red headband, and the sense of fashion is also there.

Liya wants to focus on this piece

The neckline of the sweater

, warm and no sense of restraint, plus the visual extension effect of the longitudinal thread, do not worry about the short neck.

▍Sweater + wide-leg pants + coat

Style: Neat commute

For commuter parties, it is very important to get a textured sweater.

Especially after taking off the coat in the office, if the sweater is pilling and sticky, it is really embarrassing to capitalize.

Liya’s piece stands up to the test, and the closer you look, the more you can feel it

Delicate texture

The red + white color system is light and flexible, sweeping away the dullness of winter, it is simply very outstanding, and there is no need to think hard about matching in the morning.

Finally, you can go out in a black long coat, with high-waisted pants with good proportions,

Commuting to the street is not wrong.

Fairies find that no, the same combination of red + black + white, but two completely different styles, the basic model is so versatile that it can fit every piece in your wardrobe.

This sweater is Liya

Carefully chosen

Coming out, whether it is style, fabric or practicality, it is very OK, and it will not disappoint you when you get it.