How to wear culottes, how to match the top?

Sister Jing: Culottes and pants should be distinguished~~ Pants and skirts are the most common pants, and then there is a skirt. The culottes have loose legs! Culottes are uncommon in winter and are mainly in summer.

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So, let’s take a look at the matching of culottes!

Solid color culottes

As an underwear, culottes are also a good choice

Like this…

You see fashionista celebrities are wearing ~~

However, it seems that there will be a loss of Leng Nirvana~

Striped culottes

There are many styles to choose from

All can be worn with items such as sweaters

Plaid culottes

Plaid culottes are also quite good~

Decor culottes

I don’t recommend buying ~

Because I can’t hold it~

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