The willow garden wind is quiet and sleeping, and the day sleeping people are quiet wind and the willow. Fragrant sweat thin shirt cool, cool shirt thin sweat fragrance.

Hand red ice bowl lotus, lotus root bowl ice red hand. Lang Xiao Lotus silk is long, and long silk Lotus Lotus Laughing Lang.

The ancients’ praise for beautiful things was often subtle and natural, and through “borrowing poetry and singing things”, a picture of a delicate summer lady jumped out on the paper. However, time has passed, and the artistic conception written by Su Shi has come to ourselves, and it is often a little “tasteless”.

Whether it is the “sweat smell” that you have as soon as you exercise, or the “fox smell” that you and the people around you can’t endure, it makes every day like walking on thin ice. Especially now that the weather is getting hotter and hotter, it makes the little friends who have been shot in the knee want to die…

However, strictly speaking, the poem “fragrant sweat thin sweat cool, cool sweat thin sweat fragrance.” “It’s also fox stink. One fragrance and one smell, it seems to be the opposite, but in fact the mechanism is exactly the same.

Less for fragrance, a little more for smell. No matter how good the perfume is, it will smoke people, and the key lies in the problem of a degree.

Therefore, in the summer, only the “thin clothes and cool” are the Xianghan women, if the inside three layers and the outer three layers are wrapped in clothes, even if you are Xiangfei masonry, you can’t get rid of the fate of “fox smelly thick coat hot, hot coat thick smelly fox”.

However, in addition to daily wear and personal habits, sweating is an unavoidable thing after all. However, it should be clear that the vast majority of people’s sweat is tasteless after elimination, and only when specific conditions are met, sweat itself will produce odor.

It should be known that the sweat glands of the human body are divided into two types, a small sweat gland accounts for about 90%, sweating is thinner, generally has no taste. Another kind of sweat glands, only concentrated in the armpits, crotch, areola, external auditory canal, the sweat discharged also contains a variety of proteins and fatty acids, when these secretions are decomposed by bacteria outside the body surface, the production of a variety of unsaturated fatty acids, only the so-called “odor”.

What’s even more annoying is that one area where these sweat glands are concentrated is the armpits. Once it evaporates, the taste is simply sour….

But then again, although there are not as many groups of fox odor as crooked nuts in China due to some genetic reasons, once “winning”, not only daily life will be limited, including work communication and friend contacts will also be greatly affected.

But don’t worry about the sisters who are deeply troubled by it, globally, fox odor as a well-known symptom also has a rich population base and historical accumulation. Take chestnuts, for example: In Japan, the proportion of fox odor has reached 16%, which is the highest in Asia. In the other four continents of the vast expanse, the proportion of fox smelly people is as high as more than 90%, and no fox smell is the same as having superpowers~

As shown in the figure, blue = fox odor, yellow = no fox odor

Under the guidance of this global trend, the means and products to combat fox odor are also different according to the region, and they are more diverse.

However, if you want to completely eradicate fox odor, you need to surgically destroy your sweat glands and hair follicles roughly and directly. However, considering that there will be certain side effects and recurrence rates, surgery is generally not recommended for people whose condition is not particularly serious.

After all, to stop sweating and remove taste, we have other safe tricks!

As the country with the highest odor rate of foxes in East Asia, Japan’s Deonatulle company has developed an antiperspirant with alum as the main ingredient, which is inherently very suitable for Asian people, so it is also popular for many years and is well received:

Japan Deonatulle deodorant antiperspirant stone Reference price: 45 yuan

Usually, you only need to use it to apply it five or six times in the “hard-hit area” after cleaning, you can achieve the effect of removing fox odor~

The principle is simple: the core of removing odor is not to cover up the smell, but to prevent sweating. When sweat is secreted, because it is acidic, the aluminum salt in the antiperspirant will combine with it and coagulate into a gel, blocking the sweat glands and removing fox odor from the source.

Compared to simply masking with fragrance, this antiperspirant without fragrance is more effective. And don’t worry about finishing problems – just take a simple shower and take a shower, and the outer gel will be washed off under the action of the bath liquid, and it will not be blocked for a long time and cause problems such as prickly heat.

Dove is an old brand of antiperspiration, and its antiperspirant spray products are also easy to use, but I want to say that what you want to recommend today is this cucumber green tea flavored Dove antiperspirant:

Dove antiperspirant body cream Reference price: 48 yuan

48 hours antiperspiration, always keep the underarm smell fresh; Light cucumber green tea flavor, making the use experience more comfortable and relaxing; Easy to use, a small one can be put in a bag, and can be taken out at any time.

Long-term use will reduce the sweat production in your armpits, bringing a refreshing and comfortable feeling. A new generation of improved formulas that effectively inhibit bacteria on the body surface. It is recommended to use after shaving the armpit hair, the effect is better~

If you like natural and gentle products, you must know the brand Fresh, whose products are always safe enough to be used even by pregnant women.

Fresh brown sugar bead antiperspirant Reference price: 160 yuan

For example, this Fresh Brown Sugar Body Antiperspirant is added with natural ingredients such as brown sugar, lemongrass, witch hazel, etc., which can effectively soothe, repair and revitalize the skin. Inhibits the bacteria produced by sweat secretion, while effectively removing sweat odor and emitting a light fragrance to keep the body naturally dry for a long time.

Quick-drying formula with droplet design, clean and pollution-free, quick drying, no need to worry about the clothes being contaminated~

Such a gentle and reassuring antiperspirant, so that mothers do not have to worry about sweat smell during confinement in summer!

Clarins Gentle Deodorant Roller Antiperspirant Reference price: 128 yuan

Clarins’ roll-on antiperspirant is the main antiodorant ingredient in farnesol, a traditional deodorant for African fishermen. It can not only destroy bacteria, but also eliminate odors, so it is more suitable for people with severe fox odor.

In addition, it contains extracts of Synthesis leaf, witch hazel and rosemary, which not only soothes, controls sweat, but also brings coolness, but also brings aroma.

Because the effect is too strong, I want to say that Jun is not recommended to use it for sisters who want to remove the slight sweat smell, and it is enough to use the above few small freshness~

Ahem, the aloe vera droplet antiperspirant introduced at the end of The Body Shop is specially designed for sensitive underarm skin. Featuring aloe vera extract, it effectively tightens underarm pores and keeps sweaty underarms fresh and dry. It also does not contain any chemical additives, so there is no need to worry about leaving marks on clothes.

The Body Shop aloe vera antiperspirant Reference price: 50 yuan

In addition, this antiperspirant also contains glycerin and vitamin B5, which can repair and moisturize the underarm skin, so you don’t have to worry about the dryness of the underarm skin.

Because of its mild nature, men and women with any skin type can use it with confidence, and in a sense, it can also be used as a family pack to stock up, and the cost performance is also super high~

Finish planting, finish work!