In recent days, the Xiaomi 12 Series will be officially added to a new model of a SE or MINI version, which has caused netizens. Since the mobile phone enters the 5G era, due to the increase in the internal components, there is a great improvement of processor performance, resulting in an increase in the heat dissipation module and battery capacity, resulting in 5G mobile phones substantially thick and heavy, the screen size is also At least 6.7 inches

The market generally believes that Small Screen strongly with mobile phones is difficult to make, because the cost of the cost is too high, and consumers will be difficult to buy. But after Last year, Apple launched a new iPhonese2, the machine retained 4.7-inch iPhone8 appearance, just changed the processor to A13

It has quickly become a new machine with a high temperature and sales in a high temperature. After that, Apple will continue to launch the iPhone12 mini version, 5.4 inch custom small full screen, the machine volume is even more than the 4.7-inch iPhonese2, although the sales is not good, but it further causes people’s discussion, and thinking that Android should also launch a small screen Strong machine. But Android manufacturers are still very cautious here.


Not followed in time, until this year, Apple continued to launch improvement version of iPhone13 mini, sales and reputation gradually pick up, so that Android is ready to launch small screen strength, Xiaomi 12 mini is, it is expected to come out and we meet us. of.


However, Xiaomi 12 mini currently exposed is not the strongest, and the processor is only the Snapdragon 870. Sony, who has been deep in Android small screen mobile phone, has recently officially released a real small-screen top flagship, and the configuration specifications are very bitter! The machine is the XPeria 5 III national line version, its screen is 6.1 inch, the body width is only 68mm and iPhone8

It can be easily held and operated, which is a single-handed artifact. And equipged the Snapdragon 888 processor, the rear 12 million + 12 million + 12 million three-fitting system, dual PD sensor, when shooting with 70mm and 105mm telephoto lens and real-time picture tracking function


The battery capacity is absolutely large as a small screen mobile phone, reaching 4,500 mA, but also retains 3.5mm earphone holes and supports IP68 dustproof waterproof. Only the Sony mobile phone has consistently high-priced strategy, the price of 8G + 256G is now up to 6,399 yuan, it is indeed a no problem, it can only be said that it is a crowd of the Android small screen flagship.