When it comes to Wang Yan’s name, I believe that many people are no strangers, especially the post-80s and post-90s friends, almost grew up watching her TV series, although she rarely appears in front of the camera now, but when she was young, she was definitely a model worker, especially the various costume styles are really a beautiful mess, although now it is not young, but wearing a T-shirt with wide-leg pants looks full of age-reducing effect.

Wang Yan’s styling analysis:

Purple T-shirt – wear it with a gentle age-reducing feeling

Wang Yan is too Versailles, wearing a purple T-shirt with wide-leg pants, the naked eye can see the young and foreign, in the spring and summer wear, T-shirt is a very high body rate of a single item, this kind of item in the design of the style is usually very simple, in the design of the fabric also usually use a very breathable cotton texture to present enough comfort and sweat absorption, Wang Yan wears a purple T-shirt, in the color design wear a gentle and age-reducing matching effect.

Classic tucked corners – the waist line can be raised to outline the small waist

Wang Yan used a very classic tucked corner dressing method when wearing this purple small T-shirt, in summer wear, this classic tucked corner dressing method can be very simple and intuitive techniques to show the effect of lifting the waistline, while also taking into account the effect of outlining the small man’s waist, both tall and thin.

High-waisted jeans – wear long legs

Wang Yan matched a high-waist style of jeans in the lower body, and used a very classic matching method of upper and lower body to shorten the proportion of the upper body and extend the proportion of the lower body, which is very friendly to petite girls, and the leg shape can look a lot longer through simple dressing.

Loose wide-leg pants – full of comfort

Mature women can try to match loose style wide-leg pants when choosing jeans, because wide-leg pants are usually loose in the design of the style, so wearing them on the body can ensure enough comfort and space, and the requirements for leg shape and figure will not be very high, for mature women of Wang Yan’s age group is definitely a weapon to cover the flesh and show thinness.

Light-colored baseball cap – understated, simple and concave

For female celebrities, no matter how to wear in daily street wear, there must be a simple baseball cap, in addition to making the overall shape look more complete, the matching of baseball caps can also present a low-key sense in the overall matching effect, so that female stars look both low-key and fan-enough.

Wang Yan’s other styling analysis:

White shirt + black wide-leg pants

The classic black and white combination will not go out of style at any time, this color matching looks extremely simple, but it is extremely attractive on the body, and the requirements for body, age and driving ability will not be very high, Wang Yan’s matching uses a basic simple fitting shirt with very loose wide-leg pants, which can be worn both comfortably and atmospherically.

Small black T-shirt + floral skirt

In the matching of the upper and lower bodies, a combination of traditional and simple can be used to present a sense of visual complementarity, and a combination of traditional and simple matching methods can be used on the matching of the upper and lower bodies to highlight the visual focus, which can emphasize the main body of the whole body and wear a sense of stability and simplicity through the matching of basic colors.

Long white coat + loose wide-leg pants

Many girls like the looseness and comfort of wide-leg pants very much, but everyone basically chooses a short small top when wearing wide-leg pants, because short tops with high-waisted wide-leg pants are easier to wear long legs, but Wang Yan uses a long white jacket to match loose wide-leg pants, although the pieces of this body are very loose, but the overall shape looks lazy and full of femininity.

Although Wang Yan is already middle-aged, she still looks very young and energetic in her state, which can be called a dress template among women of the same age.

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