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It is another spring and summer rose season, and all kinds of roses in the ultimate state are debuting, dazzling, allowing our rose bone flower friends to have a visual feast for the whole spring and summer. Every time I see the beautiful return picture shared by everyone in the group, my heart is as sweet as eating honey, firstly, I am sincerely happy that the beautiful rose marries a good family, and secondly, I sincerely feel that the cultivation and level of relatives are getting better and better, more and more powerful, here is especially named to praise “Golden Wing”, “Purple Ripple”, “Tiger”, “Wife”, “Little Elk”, “Tong Tong” and so on, not only raise themselves well, but also actively communicate with everyone in the group and improve each other.

So, the problem is, rose novices see so many and so beautiful rose return pictures and beautiful pictures, all kinds of poisoning, all kinds of envy and jealousy.

Why are the beautiful roses all from other people’s homes, and why are their own roses so slow and difficult to come out? What’s the secret? How can it be improved?

Today, take a little time to give you a brief analysis of some maintenance experience:

1. A good foundation can produce a good state.

In short, before the spring and summer state season comes, we must maintain it scientifically, so that the roses can grow comfortably and healthily, and lay a foundation for a perfect state. First of all, the soil allocation is reasonable, the particles account for about 60%, not too much or too little (detailed above); Secondly, don’t skimp on watering, the rose growth period is still recommended to be watered, just like the gold-winged god said that there is no problem in watering every day in autumn and winter or even soaking in water; Finally, ventilation should be good, if necessary, light fertilizer is applied frequently, irregular sterilization and insecticidal and so on. If the above points are not done well, it is easy to lead to sluggish growth of roses during the growth period, disease, aging of the root system, dull leaf surface, loose and uncompact leaf layer, and so on.

2. Reasonable water control in spring until water is cut off.

Due to the different geographical coordinates across the country, it cannot be one-size-fits-all, just take Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai as an example, after the Spring Festival, you can appropriately control the water, at least not like the autumn and winter capricious, or immerse the pot every day, gradually reduce the amount of watering, until about 30 degrees completely cut off water. After completely cutting off the water, the rose gradually opens the “dormant program”, remember that the rose at this time is the most fragile, can not rely on capillary roots to absorb nutrients and water like autumn and winter, eat enough every day to resist germs, and can not be completely dried and lignified like the rose in deep dormancy in summer, and is not invaded. Therefore, roses during this period are relatively more susceptible to fungal erosion, and severe cases will appear succulent common severe diseases such as water and black rot, and ventilation and reasonable light must be strengthened.

3. Perfect ventilation and reasonable lighting are the prerequisites.

After the start of the water dormancy procedure, it must be maintained with more care than in autumn and winter. Conditional morning and evening sun when the sun is mild, noon when the sun is empty, into the house or open the shading net, at the same time to strictly observe the drying of the potting soil, with the process of the potting soil completely dry, that is, can gradually enlarge and increase the sun time and intensity of the process, the intermediate scale according to the respective conservation environment to control and experience. After the potting soil is completely dry, the roses will generally be gradually colored after being moisturized by the sun, of course, there will be a gradual process. When it comes to coloring in the sun, it’s really not up to speed.

4. The state of roses is also divided into early, medium and late ripening.

It is often found that many flower friends have this blind spot, that is, why other people’s roses are colored, why is mine still not moving at all? Carefully inquired, and found that either indoor maintenance did not have color conditions, or the so-called other people’s roses were relatively early maturing varieties such as Hierro, Blood Sakura, and Garymir, and their own were relatively late maturing varieties such as yellow roses Alora, Fengling, Ruowen, and Yueshi, which had a large time difference.

Still taking Jiangnan as an example, along the timeline of the entire spring and summer state season, roughly early ripening 3-5 months out state varieties are Hierro, Peach, Blood Cherry, Garemire, Blood Elf, egg rose, original jadeite, small buns, etc., medium ripe May to June emerge state varieties have small love letters, group gold, Tenerife, Canary Lies, Parma, yellow rose Alora, fluffy roses, etc., late ripening 6-8 months out state varieties are Fengling, Yueshi, Ruowu, pure maple shadow, jade cup, Gomera, Komori, etc., it can be said that the morning, middle and late ripening varieties have their own merits, Connecting with each other for a whole spring and summer, you should not blindly worry about your rose status, the first health is the first, the second is to understand their variety attributes and maintenance conditions.

5. Some varieties need high temperature coloring.

Boss Jin and my experience summary, many varieties such as maple spirit, Yueshi, Ruowu and pure maple shadow, yellow rose and other varieties, but need enough high temperature + direct light control sun, in order to perfect coloring, in order to cultivate the ultimate state, which is also the genetic principle of these varieties in a relatively late maturation, drunken beauty in July and August. After experimental batch testing in Yunnan, compared with the conservation and hanging areas of Sedum Yunnan and Shandong, this aspect is relatively lagging or inferior, mainly because the natural temperature is slightly lower, and the above varieties are raised in an extreme state, and the difficulty is doubled.

6. The effect of astigmatism coloring and ultraviolet lamp coloring.

For the balcony party who really does not have much direct light to control the sun, natural astigmatism is the most important coloring light source, although inferior to direct light, but better than nothing, for most rose varieties can also be perfectly colored, one takes longer and more patience, and the other may create a more fairy and dreamy color appearance. Also taking Hierro as an example, according to the different conditions of direct light & astigmatism, it can be changed to different degrees of appearance such as dark purple, pink purple, rose pink, taupe pink, fairy pink and nude pink, which has a special flavor.

In addition, there are some babies who prefer to use ultraviolet lamps to color the meat, or the maintenance conditions are limited, and there is no objection here. Practice shows that Parma, Hierro, etc. maintained by some flower friends for a long time with ultraviolet lamps, although they grow slowly, but they are very tight and round, which is in line with the aesthetics of a considerable number of girls, and is an important maintenance reference.

7. Whether it is better to pot on dry soil or dry roots.

There are always florists who ask us whether roses are potted on dry soil during the dormancy period? Or is it better to put the bare root dry? Which is more helpful for coloring? After our own test, in principle, the two are almost the same, but if the potting soil is larger and deeper, the pot on the dry soil is more conducive to the freshness of the rose, in other words, the consumption is a little slower, because the depth of the potting soil will have a slight moisture attachment in the morning and evening. Of course, you don’t need to worry about the summer problem of bare root storage, even a small rose side bud has been measured to spend the summer perfectly after cutting away from the mother, let alone the whole rose, which is thanks to the fact that the rose leaf itself has a layer of magical wax, which can effectively slow down the consumption and evaporation loss, and have to sigh at the magic of nature.

To sum up, the general rose coloring principle and experience sharing is basically so much, the specific details everyone slowly digests and experiences, some basic skills still need to accumulate over time, ears and eyes, naturally practice makes perfect! I hope everyone can raise roses beautifully, and the sense of achievement is bursting! Of course, a final reminder is that you must give your beloved roses enough patience, and you can’t do it quickly.


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