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In recent years, the sports and fitness tide has begun to be hot, and the sales of large-capacity water cups and sports water cups have gradually increased. “Star with the same large-capacity water cup” “One glass of water is enough to drink all day”… Compared with ordinary water cups of about 400 ml, most of these kettles have a capacity of 1 liter, and there are 1.5 liters and 2.5 liters. Are these large capacity water cups practical? What should I pay attention to in use? On May 15, a reporter from Sanxiang Metropolitan Daily paid a visit to this.

(At a grocery store in Changsha, citizens are picking out large-capacity water cups.) Photo by reporter Bu Lan)

It can sell 40-50 pieces per month, which is very popular among sports people

On May 15th, the Wancho fashion and daily necessities store near Cai Wei Middle Road was full of shelves full of various water cups, including thermos cups, plastic cups, glasses, etc., with capacities ranging from 320 ml to 1500 ml.

“Many fitness experts buy this high-value ‘ton barrel’, with a capacity of 1150 ml, 1 priced at 59 yuan, and sold for more than 50 a month.” Ms. Wang, the person in charge of the fashion and lifestyle store in Wanmachi, said that the “ton barrel” can meet the drinking water of fitness people, and there is a cute drinking scale design, “a horizontal line is drawn every two hours to remind customers to drink water in time.” ”

At the Tupperware store near Xinghanmen, the shelves are also colorful, with capacities ranging from 280 ml to 750 ml. The store’s salesperson said that they mainly sell sports water cups with straws, with a capacity of 750 milliliters and a price of 138 yuan, “more than 40 sold in the past month.” ”

Online, the rapid heating up a while ago has also driven the sales of sports water cups. In the flagship store of Joyoung kitchenware, a fitness water cup with a price varies from 69 yuan to 89 yuan according to the capacity of 1100ml to 2200ml. According to the sales page of this product, in the past 30 days, the sales of the water cup have reached more than 10,000 pieces, and there are more than 1,000 reviews.

Change the water every 4 hours, and the plastic water cup should not be filled with water with excessive temperature

“Large-capacity water cup need to pay attention to the water in the cup should not be too long, especially in summer, easy to breed bacteria, it is recommended to drink within 4 hours, more than this time to change the water.” Industry insiders introduced that timely hydration during exercise, the benefits to the human body are obvious, but can not be excessive, can be divided into a small amount of hydration, water can be used light sugar water, light salt water, protein solution instead of ordinary pure water.

Wang Cao, coach of the miracle gym of Kaide One Center in Yuelu District, said that the current popular “ton of barrels” on the Internet can meet the daily water intake needs of most people, normal people do not exercise, daily intake of 1.5L to 2L of water, “in exercise, water intake will be more, should take small sips many times, can not feel thirsty on the cow drink.” ”

Wang Cao pointed out that when buying a large-capacity water cup, you can buy food-grade plastic, “but when using plastic water, try not to fill the temperature too high, if there is a need for drinking hot water, you should use a glass kettle.” In addition, he also reminded that even if it is a food-grade plastic, different materials can withstand different temperature limits: for example, the more popular Tritan material is a new type of plastic developed in recent years, which can hold hot water below 80 degrees Celsius. The traditional PET material can only hold warm water at no more than 40 degrees Celsius, and the PPSU material can be heated by microwave oven. ”

Link: How to choose a large-capacity water cup?

Choose based on security. Plastic water cups that meet national regulations are safe in actual use, and only these three materials are compared with each other to make a priority. Security features: Tritan > PP > PC; Affordable: PC > PP > Tritan; High temperature resistance: PP > PC > Tritan

Selected according to the adapted temperature. To understand simply, it is what kind of drink it usually uses; Choose PP or PC for boiling water;

Not installed: Choose PC or Tritan; Above the plastic water cup, heat resistance has always been a prerequisite for selection.

Choose according to the purpose. Go out shopping as a accompanying cup, choose small capacity, delicate and small leak-proof; If you often travel long distances, choose a large-capacity, wear-resistant water cup; For daily use in the office, choose a cup with a relatively large mouth; 350ml – 550ml for babies, short trips, 550ml – 1300ml for home use, sports hydration, 1300ml – 5000ml for long-distance travel, family cookouts.

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