Wearing a skirt on a cold day has an indispensable secret weapon – pantyhose.

Black pantyhose, with skirts and coats to wear, thin and beautiful, but also cold and warm, each girl is bought in two or three.

Today, I would like to introduce you to pantyhose made of cashmere, which are thin and warm in autumn and thick and warm in winter.

They come from the clothing brand T7.

T7’s pantyhose fabric is exclusively developed and proportioned, whether it is abrasion resistance, skin-friendly, warmth, it is stronger than ordinary autumn and winter pantyhose on the market.

The first is that the warmth is very good.

The reason is that as much as 30% cashmere is added to its ingredients, and the skin-friendly and warm properties of cashmere are smoother and more delicate than other fibers.

Cashmere, a layer of soft fluff at the root of goat hair, grows in winter and falls off naturally in spring and summer. Every spring and summer, herders gently comb this layer of fluff down, and they are the best clothing material.

A goat can only produce about 170g of cashmere per year, which is extremely precious and is called “soft gold”.

T7 is still the top 7g cashmere on the Tibetan goat, and the essence is selected.

Cashmere has the function of moisture absorption and heat storage, and pantyhose with cashmere are added, and the warmth effect is superior to that of ordinary fabrics.

The second is skin-friendly and silky.

In addition to cashmere, mulberry silk is added to the fabric of pantyhose, so it feels silky, skin-friendly, and comfortable and breathable.

It is also wear-resistant and durable, and it is not easy to hook the line.

In order to enhance the wear resistance of tights, Tencel is added to the fabric, which can strengthen the toughness of the fabric and is not easy to remove the silk hook.

Tips: Tencel is the trade name of fibers produced by the British company Acocdis. A new fiber produced by solvent spinning method using coniferous wood pulp as a natural raw material. The material is both flexible and comfortable.

Left: Model weighs about 100 pounds Right: Model weighs about 170 pounds

The elasticity is very good, and girls who weigh from 100 pounds to 170 pounds can wear it without pressure.

There are several options: classic thin pantyhose, corset thin pantyhose, graphene pile thick pantyhose.

The classic and corset are suitable for autumn wear and are thin and warm.

The graphene thickened series is suitable for cold winters, and the fabric is thickened and fleeced, which is very thick and warm.

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Belly corset series cashmere thin pantyhose

The biggest feature of this pantyhose is that the fabric and cut of the belly are specially designed to help you put your little tummy in.

There are three styles to choose from: cropped , pedal and stockings.

The fabric of the belly part is made of refined high-elastic nylon, which can contain the excess meat of the abdomen to a certain extent.

The cut of the abdomen is specially designed to reduce the tightness of the abdomen while tightening, and the elasticity is very large, which is very comfortable even during menstruation.

These pantyhose fit well and outline a slim body.

It looks thin and untaut immediately after wearing.

The material is cashmere, mulberry silk, tencel three kinds of fiber blend, not easy to pill, antistatic.

The size is uniform, the elasticity is super large, and anyone weighing 100 to 170 pounds can wear it.

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Classic series cashmere thin leggings

These pantyhose have a higher cashmere content.

The fabric of the waist, hips, and crotch is also strengthened to make pantyhose more durable.

Oversized crotch design for greater hip comfort.

The slimming effect is good, and the leg line appears slim after wearing it.

The material is cashmere, mulberry silk, tencel three fiber blend, can be antistatic.

It is not only light and soft, but also has the delicate and silky feeling of stockings.


Graphene pile thickened pantyhose

The graphene series of pantyhose is a thickened and fleece two-layer structure, which is very thick and warm, and can be worn on cold and snowy days.

The outer layer is man-made fiber, which is wear-resistant and elastic;

The inner layer of the skin is thick suede, and wool/cashmere is added, which is comfortable and warm for the skin.

At the waist, graphene fibers are also added.

Graphene fiber is a very popular high-tech nanomaterial in the past two years, which is stripped from graphite, which is thin, tough, and can conduct electricity and heat.

Note: Two physicists who successfully stripped graphene from graphite, Andre Geim (AG) and Konstantin Novoselov of the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom, won the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics.

Graphene in this position of the waist can also play a far-infrared heating effect, resonate with the far infrared of the human body, accelerate the body’s microcirculation, and promote the temperature of the subcutaneous tissue.

It has a certain warming effect.

Graphene also has a good moisture absorption and breathable effect, which can quickly absorb and conduct moisture and sweat secreted by the human body, keeping the skin dry and comfortable.

Pantyhose with graphene added to it are warm and comfortable to wear in winter.

Wool thickened pantyhose

The outer layer is elastic man-made fiber, and the inner layer is a fabric containing wool.

Ensure that the outer layer is wear-resistant and wear-resistant, and it is not easy to hook the wire; The inner layer is warm and comfortable.

Cashmere pantyhose

The outer layer is also elastic man-made fiber, and the inner layer is also added with cashmere and mulberry silk.

The inner layer of this pantyhose, because the fabric is more advanced, is particularly delicate and silky, and it is comfortable to wear close to the body without pinching the skin, and it is skin-friendly and comfortable.

Both pantyhose have considerable elasticity and can be worn both fat and thin.

The design of the foot can prevent the trouser leg from running up when wearing it.

Tips for washing

Last year’s pantyhose, everyone reported that the toes of socks were easy to be worn out, so this year specially reinforced treatment, more wear resistance, especially at the foot position.

Although the product is reinforced, pay attention to whether your toenails are relatively long, which is easy to cause the phenomenon of toe wear.

If you mind this, it is recommended that you buy a foot or cropped model that is better.

It is recommended that cashmere pantyhose should not be worn under pants, especially leggings and jeans, which can easily appear worn or pilled.

This product is a cashmere product, please clean with neutral lotion or cashmere special lotion.

T7 is a brand of independent research and development of fabrics, with a number of unique fabric processes and technologies, focusing on the production and development of products with high comfort, good wearability, and adapted to the needs of different seasons, with a simple and elegant design style, suitable for people of different ages.

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There are three styles to choose from: cropped , pedal and stockings.

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