In the hot summer, when you think of walking in the sun, the first thing that comes to mind is sweating profusely and embarrassing, how can you avoid this embarrassing situation? A fairy-fledged chiffon cardigan is a great choice! Wear a simple T-shirt or suspender underneath, shorts underneath, and a chiffon cardigan on the outside. Chiffon long cardigan can not only have the effect of sun protection, but more importantly, add the flowing temperament of MM well, how can it not be outstanding? In this issue, Xiaobian brings you a variety of long chiffon cardigans, there will definitely be the one that will make you move!

No.1 Solid color chiffon cardigan

Many MMs like solid color design, because in the hot summer, this looks very refreshing and generous, and it is very good to match clothes, whether it is a solid color or a print can easily deal with it, even if it is worn on a date, it is also full of fashion and sweet style.


Mid-length sunscreen clothing women’s ultra-thin jacket sunscreen shirt large size cardigan sunscreen clothing transparent chiffon shawl summer

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A very simple long cardigan, high-quality chiffon material, instantly cool after wearing, the design of the seven-point sleeves is good to protect the delicate skin of MM, from the sunshine of Shanghai, the hem line is smooth and generous, instantly play a thin role!


Beach sunscreen women’s spring and summer chiffon cardigan thin 2016 new mid-length large size shawl with small coat

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In the hot summer, who can say no to such a refreshing cardigan, the feel of silk, very smooth and flowing, can be said to be a versatile basic style, white, pink and black, each color is very charming, the sun protection effect is also great, let MM peace of mind concave shape.


Sun protection clothing women’s summer 2016 medium length ultra-thin chiffon shirt air conditioning shirt cardigan versatile solid color UV protection jacket

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The delicate neckline design highlights the femininity of MM very well, the overall cardigan with a bit of a shirt shape, very handsome, with sweet colors and very summery feeling, in addition to the classic black and white, light purple, green and pink are very worth trying.


Spring/Summer 2016 new women’s mid-length chiffon shirt, beach sunscreen, shawl over thin cardigan women’s coat

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The windbreaker version can be described as handsome and compelling, it is simply a sight to be loved, large lapels, fashion and design sense, the color is beautiful orange, show the style of MM, if you want to interpret handsome and low-key, you may wish to try elegant black, just as brilliant.

Sunscreen shirt women’s long sleeves summer loose large size shawl cardigan thin jacket mid-length lace breathable women’s chiffon shirt

Lace with chiffon, refreshing and sweet, lace well increases the delicate sense and sweetness of the dress, the design of the cuffs is very delicate, the sweetness is upgraded, the fit is very casual, and it shows the good figure of MM well.


【EC】2016 Spring New Princess Lantern Long Sleeve Sheer Mid-length Cardigan Chiffon Shirt Sunscreen Woman

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An ultra-thin one, with a touch of looming beauty, more importantly, very refreshing and breathable, single-layer sheer light chiffon shirt, with princess balloon sleeves, spliced button design, fashion to reduce age, after wearing it is reluctant to change.

No.2 printed chiffon cardigan

Some people say that summer is the season to show your personality, and to be honest, I don’t object at all! This summer, MMs have more choices to travel, you can wear shorts to shape handsome, you can also wear dresses to interpret sweet, so if you choose chiffon and want to avoid the embarrassment of colliding, you may wish to try the printed chiffon cardigan, with print elements, the summer feeling is more intense!


Summer 2016 new women’s chiffon shirt, split sleeves, slim jacket, large size women’s long cardigan print, sun protection

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Commuting MM can also try a printed cardigan, the printed pattern with Chinese style elegance, very charming, the color is also choose a very atmospheric color matching, after wearing it instantly enhance the overall fashion effect, with a simple black slip dress, instantly have a sense of layering.


Summer 2016 Mid Length Chiffon Shirt Beach Sun Protection Clothes Women’s Cardigan Large Size Long Sleeve Ultra Thin Shawl Loose Coat

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Han Fan’er is full of a cardigan, the material of chiffon is soft and comfortable, and most importantly, the fit is very smooth, the super long fit shows that MM’s body is very slender, a variety of prints, all use a very intentional pattern, the base color adopts a classic black and white color matching, instantly enhancing the overall effect.


Summer 2016 new mid-length sunscreen printed chiffon cardigan loose sunscreen thin chiffon jacket women

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Beauty is not afraid of exaggeration, because sometimes, exaggeration will represent fashion, this design seems simple, the effect behind the upper body is really super good, shirt lapel design, well highlight MM handsome and free, with print patterns, sweetness upgraded N levels.


Sun protection clothes women’s chiffon shirt 2016 summer ultra thin mid-length print loose shirt 7 points sleeve cardigan jacket woman

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Who said that chiffon cardigans can only be handsome, this one interprets sweetness to the extreme, a very positive fit, a good slimming effect, super cost-effective, with a simple belt, instantly wear another style.


Sun-protective clothing women’s chiffon shirt, quarters, short sleeves, long short cardigan, short sleeves, shawl, large size thin jacket, air conditioning shirt

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The print can also interpret the intoxicating small fresh, pure white color matching, with a small print pattern, instantly attract attention, the shape is very casual, but it will not give people a stereotypical feeling, and the simple suspenders inside are very outstanding.


【EC】2016 Spring New Product Personality face plum blossom print long single-breasted cardigan chiffon women’s D05

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Personality face interpretation of a very strong national style, the flower shape is printed with positioning, the quality can be seen, high-quality chiffon material, the comfort that can be felt by the tentacles, all are full of sincerity, whether it is buttoned or cardigan is handsome and compelling.


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