How do you wear a bottoming so as not to dress as an aunt? Many people wear undershirts that are either fat and short or like an aunt, without a sense of fashion, so that in autumn and winter, they still do the most beautiful beauty on the street.

There are many misunderstandings in wearing undershirts, because most people think that undershirts are similar, and the selection of suitable is not distinguished, buy and wear casually, so how can it look good?

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The pattern of the undershirt has two kinds of vertical stripes and horizontal stripes, vertical stripes are visually thinner and slimmer, and the color of the undershirt is also very many, among which dark tones such as black and gray are the thinnest, and white is the most exposed to the body.

Secondly, the matching of undershirts is also very important, if it is not matched, no matter how good the undershirt is, it cannot play its role. Let’s talk about how to choose the undershirt and how to wear it.

One: Style recommendation

Basic turtleneck sweater

We generally buy undershirts, we should buy more basic styles, vertical stripes, horizontal stripes are all tryed.

Secondly, the material selection of the undershirt is also very important, the wool sweater is high-grade and not easy to pill, the warmth effect is also good, and it is very obvious to wear it.

The warmth effect of cotton is weaker, but it is more cost-effective. Basic turtleneck sweaters don’t require too many complicated designs, such as balloon sleeves or something completely unnecessary.

Why choose a basic sweater?

Because for most people, the choice of inner wear is to match the coat, and the basic sweater does not pick the coat shape, which is better matched.

In the picture below, a basic white sweater and a yellow coat on the outside, the overall look is fresh and lively.

Therefore, the basic sweater is a must-enter style for everyone. If your figure belongs to the slightly chubby type, then you can choose a thinner basic model.

Two: matching skills

Choose a sweater based on the shape of your face

Everyone’s face shape is different, roughly divided into four categories: melon seed face, goose egg face, round face, square face. The turtleneck sweater can almost lose the entire neck, and the turtleneck is round, so the melon face and goose egg face are the most suitable face shapes for wearing turtleneck sweaters, which is very beautiful.

The round face and square face are wide, and the collar of the sweater is wider, so it is not suitable for wearing a high neck. Then you can’t wear a high neck with a round face and a square face? No.

Round and square faces can be selected with stacked collars or lower collars, which can optimize the ratio of sweater collar to face shape a little.

Especially some women’s neck is not very long, after wearing a turtleneck sweater will be “no neck”, such a neck, the proportion of the face is not suitable for wearing a turtleneck sweater, this suitable to bother to find the right style, here are recommended two, one is a crewneck sweater, one is a V-neck sweater.

Two: collocation recommendation

look1: Dark green turtleneck sweater + white wide-leg pants + nude single shoes

Once we’ve learned how to choose and match a basic turtleneck, it’s time to try something a little more personal.

The dark green sweater worn by the model in the picture below is very elegant, dark green is also very suitable for autumn and winter, white wide-leg pants are more set off with a fresh and lovely overall match, nude shoes are low-key and not eye-catching, the overall is a very gentle outfit, suitable for those quiet little fairies.

look2: Red turtleneck sweater + black pleated skirt + cyan cotton jacket

This red turtleneck sweater is not red, but dark red, so that it does not look too festive, like a holiday. Red with green has been a classic color since ancient times, such a dark red with dark cyan, very advanced.

Black skirts and shoes are used as transitional colors, and they are low-key and do not grab colors. Pleated skirts are very feminine items, if office workers feel that wearing a thick long down jacket is too heavy, you may wish to try pleated skirts.

look3: White turtleneck sweater + purple sweater + brown coat

If you like to layer, you can refer to this outfit. Brown coats, khaki skirts and boots are all “earthy” colors, although there is a white turtleneck sweater to brighten and match, but it is still relatively monotonous, so this purple sweater is layered very soulful, making the overall matching a lot livelier.

The plush coat is warm but also heavy, so slightly fat women are not recommended to layer it like this, it will look stronger.

look4: Gray turtleneck sweater + gray suit pants + brown coat

This is a typical earthy color matching, dark gray sweater, light gray suit pants and brown coat, the whole is light color.

The slightly fat sister can refer to this set, because the sweater is tighter and can tighten the upper body, and there is not too much layering, which is the most basic way to wear, and the suit pants are loose and more able to cover the flesh and show thinness, so it is suitable for fat women.

Well, today’s selection and matching of sweaters is introduced here, turtlenecks are elegant and intellectual, wearing well must be fashionable full scores, first of all, the most important thing you should do is to analyze your face shape and figure. Let’s match it with your heart and choose.

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