For the creation of autumn and winter fashion sense, many times people often rack their brains or can’t think of a good way to wear it. In fact, it is not too difficult to create an autumn and winter trendy look, as long as you understand what kind of items are suitable for what type of people, and use the corresponding matching rules.

Of course, in the cold winter, the styling should still be based on warmth, but it does not prove that we have to retain the temperature and abandon the demeanor. You only need to match the winter pieces well, you can make the demeanor and temperature coexist, and it is easy to be a trendy man. As a winter classic, a down jacket and sweatshirt are a good idea.

Both pieces are comfortable and beautiful, and they are very temperamental to wear. Especially when the two of them are worn together, the down jacket + hooded sweatshirt is trendy and warm, which is a good look in winter and allows you to easily become a trendy.

First, short down jacket + sweatshirt, the choice of color matching is very key

Compared to other shapes, the relatively popular is the short down jacket, which is light and comfortable to wear and shows off the legs. In the matching, if you want to match the trend with the sweatshirt, you can use bright color matching to create fashion, and the black down jacket is still more versatile.

Not only can it be matched with a black sweatshirt, but when a black cropped down jacket meets a fluorescent green sweatshirt, it is a different trendy style. Color matching is another important element of lighting up a look, which can help the look show better results.

No matter how you wear a black down jacket, it will make people look light and handsome. Pair it with a red hooded sweatshirt and layer it with a denim jacket to make the look layered and cool.

Create a trendy look, not only with sweatshirts, but also with down jackets. In addition to the classic black down jacket, a variety of brightly colored down jackets such as pink can also make the look trendy and warm.

Blue is also one of the classic colors, and it is very fashionable to wear. The color selection of the jacket is bright enough, at this time also pay proper attention to the shape of the color, sweatshirt can choose dark tones to balance the color, black is a good choice.

In addition to bright colors such as pink and blue, camouflage patterns are also a trend pattern. This camouflage down jacket will make people look more characteristic and full of trends.

Of course, if you want to look more sporty, this black and white patchwork down jacket is also a good choice. As a popular style at the moment, this patchwork trendy down jacket is also loved by fashionistas, and it is classic to match a black sweatshirt.

Second, the mid-length down jacket, breaking the sense of mediocrity still depends on sweatshirts

In addition to the short fit, the mid-length down jacket is also a more practical item. It can not only protect against the wind and cold, but also concave shape, shopping is indispensable. But many people will encounter such a problem, that is, obviously the fit is very good, but after wearing the body, it is always slightly mediocre and not brilliant, in fact, most of this time is a problem of collocation.

Mid-length down jackets will make people’s visual center of gravity shift down, and if you want to wear it in style, you must choose a bright enough underwear to enhance the visual center of gravity. Among the many underwear items, sweatshirts have become the best choice, no matter how they are worn, they are trendy and very temperamental.

Whether it is a dark down jacket or a light-colored down jacket, this way of wearing is universal. At the same time, this glossy silver down jacket is also very helpful to enhance the sense of trend, and it is very juvenile with a gray sweatshirt.

Third, the hooded sweatshirt and long down jacket modify the figure to be taller

Of course, the highest wind protection and warmth index is the long down jacket, which gives people an incomparable sense of security in cold winters. At the same time, the slender fit of the down jacket is also very helpful for modifying the figure, which can make people look taller visually. Even if you choose the same color with the underwear sweatshirt, the layered fit makes the look very three-dimensional.

In addition to matching well with black sweatshirts, it is a different style with white sweatshirts, plus the embellishment of baseball caps, the whole person is very youthful. Especially the combination of light blue jeans and white shoes is very handsome and age-reducing.

After reading these collocations, I think there will be no more troubles about the creation of winter trend outfits. Down jacket + hooded sweatshirt can have so many ways to wear, which fully illustrates the importance of fashion concepts in dressing. With these skills, you can easily transform into a hipster on the basis of resisting the cold.

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