Geometric print pattern shirt with a vintage feel. If you wear it with a vivid orange skirt and choose black underneath, it will have a chic feel.

This is a cropped shirt with a diamond pattern, and the underwear and pants are chosen in white, giving it a fresh feeling. Use platform sandals on your feet to add femininity.

Aloha ethnic print shirt from Hawaii. The loose silhouette makes it easy and stylish. Simply wear it with wide-leg trousers and tuck the front hem into your pants.

Check shirt with thin plaid pattern, light and comfortable. A beige shirt with a vest and white pants, then contrasted with a dark bag and shoes. Unique slippers add a sense of style.

It’s a beige shirt with a short front and back length design, and it’s great to pair it with brightly colored pieces. Choose a bottom with a colorful pattern and a mustard vest underneath, which will satisfy you with light maturity.

A shirt with an ethnic print pattern with a sense of transparency and a short design. Let’s match it with beige and white clothes, such as white brainwashed and beige long dresses. On the feet, the color of the shoe chooses the color contained in the print pattern to create the perfect summer fashion look.

100% silk print pattern shirt. It is recommended to choose a versatile and casual underwear and pants to match it, because it is already very eye-catching, so it is enough to keep other pieces as simple and versatile as possible.

For printed shirts with a flower pattern, you can also choose simple underwear and pants to match. You can choose a pair of shorts, which will be cooler and more stylish in summer. Paired with comfortable canvas shoes, it’s perfect for vacation.

A slightly longer chiffon shirt that naturally covers your hips and waist area. With a long brown dress, it is very suitable for light mature women.

This is a shirt with a patchwork design with a transparent white upper part and a ruffled black design on the lower half, with a blue tie in the middle. Jeans and it’s a wonderful combination.

Oversize shirt in linen-blend material, beautiful purple. A black one-shoulder top as an underwear looks light and stylish. The pants are chosen with high-waisted off-white pants, which are clean and refreshing.

This is also a wide cotton and linen shirt, breathable and comfortable. You can undo the buttons like this in the picture and match them with an off-the-shoulder approach. It is a thin plaid pattern in black and white colors, so it will be very good to choose a black underwear and a white bottom.

The same linen-blend shirt for summer. It’s also an oversized design, use it as a cardigan to pair with lace skirts and vests. The color scheme of white, beige, and brown is perfect for light mature women.

A shirt with a hood gives you a more casual and stylish atmosphere. Simply pair it with a white bottom to create a summer look.

This is a CPO shirt with a collarless design, and the light green color gives you a fresh feeling. Wear a white vest underneath with a striped skirt and a thin white belt to make your look stand out.

15 popular summer shirt pairings are recommended! Sun protection is fashionable again