38 weeks pregnant stockpiling/summer confinement clothes shopping tips

I feel that I am pregnant with a baby girl, and I don’t kick me much throughout my pregnancy~

Even if I reach my due date soon, I am still as stable as Tarzan, not flustered!

And many things to be delivered are only now to start buying, not in a hurry ~ really the 90s baby birth, the child is an accident ~


A few days ago, I saw the confinement clothes of the cotton era family, it is really the same as the name and correspondence, the pattern is full of cotton ~ how to say, a little dirty, but I still bought it

Secondly, I also bought a new confinement dress from the Nuomian family, and it is not an exaggeration to say that it is a good look! The quality and price are beautiful! It’s really comfortable and looks online at the same time!

In addition, a few tips for new mothers to choose confinement clothes:

1. Breathable and sweat-absorbing

2. Good soft and comfortable

3. Strong functionality (nursing mouth, adjustable elastic band)

Finally, appearance is also important (try to choose light colors)

I stocked up on a total of 6 different confinement clothes, which are also used by pregnant mothers who are in confinement in the summer!