For many jade players, having a matching Hetian jade bracelet is an important goal, and there are many types of hand strings, some prefer seed bracelet, others prefer long Buddha beads.

So do you know the origin of the Buddha beads? Know that beads are also different?

Buddha beads or pilgrimage beads?

Now everyone habitually calls the long hand string of 108 Buddha beads, in fact, Buddha beads do not have a fixed number and shape, we often say should be called “Chao beads”.

Asahi beads are different from Buddha beads

, Buddha beads appeared earlier, they were the predecessors of Chao Zhu, and there were more beads for the decoration of Chao Beads.

Dynasty beads only appeared during the Qing Dynasty, were formulated by the Qianlong Emperor and then incorporated into the system, at that time, Chao beads were only allowed to be worn by those who had reached a certain status and official quality.

Among these decorative beads, the most important bead is the “back cloud”.

Back cloud

01. What is a back cloud?

Back clouds, also called back fish, are an important part of Chaozhu.

People often put the bead on their backs when they wear them, hence the name.

02. The role of the back cloud

Because the 108 dynasty beads are very weighty, all of them will hurt when worn in front for a long time, and the back cloud can be placed on the back

Balance the weight of the front beads to reduce pressure on the neck.

In the bracelet, the bead of the back cloud is also possessed

Finishing touch

The decorative effect because its shape is unlimited.

With the evolution of the times, people now do not need to go up, so the effect of balancing pressure in the back cloud is reduced, and the role of decoration is highlighted.

Now the back cloud can be a lotus flower, or a rui beast, of course, it can also be Guanyin, peace buckle, no matter card… They not only add color to the entire bracelet, but also highlight the style of each bracelet.

Asahi beads have been passed down to this day, of course, not only the beads of the back cloud.

Types of jade beads

01. Waist beads

In the 108-piece hand string, every 27 beads are sandwiched into a different bead, and all the beads are divided into four equal parts, and these four beads are called waist beads, also called “Buddha heads” and divided beads.

4 waist beads

It represents the four seasons and symbolizes peace at four times

, and because of the presence of waist beads, the whole bracelet is contrasting and extremely beautiful.

02. Tee

Tees, also known as “Dharma beads”, are a kind of waist beads. Its function, like the name, is to aggregate the whole string of beads in one place and use it as a closing point.

The three-way bead means that all laws are one, and one thing is repeated.

03. Stupa

Stupa beads, also known as “Buddha heads”, refer to the beads placed above the three-way beads, conical, shaped like pagodas, meaning.

However, many people now carve the tee beads together with the stupa beads, and the shape is one and more concise.

04. Disciple beads

Disciple beads are beads used in the finishing place of the entire hand string, and disciple beads will be evenly arranged in two columns, and the number of two columns is equal

Much smaller than a bead.

The disciple beads for the whole bracelet play a decorative and knot blocking tightening function.

Now we certainly don’t need to be so particular when buying bracelets and matching, strictly arranged according to the shape, plain pearls are elegant and beautiful, and they are more chic, as long as they are happy.

So in addition to these types of beads, do you know what other beads are in the bracelet?