For girls who work hard in the workplace, the daily commuting dress geometry should accompany them for most of the week, so it is very necessary to try more new combinations and enrich the office look. Every girl loves to wear skirts, today Xiaobian brings you some new materials, sharing a set of spring skirt commuting Look, simple silhouette, elegant shape, to create a modern OL style.

Suits are a must-have for daily commuting, with high tops and irregular skirts, or with V-neck shirts and short skirts.

V-neck striped shirt with red or gray skirt, fresh and neat, streamers around the waist and neck, chic and design.

A turtleneck top with a double-breasted checked hip skirt and booties are stylish and elegant.

White striped shirt skirt, simple and refreshing, one piece can solve the trouble of what to wear to work; The white fur turtleneck top is cute and fashionable, and with a khaki irregular skirt, you can also wear a workplace look that you don’t use.

Striped shirt with khaki strap skirt, very novel commuting wear Look, but also instantly shape the proportion of the body; The black fur turtleneck top is cute and fashionable, and it is paired with an irregular vertical striped skirt, bringing new ideas to workplace wear.

A turtleneck undershirt with a sleeveless checked irregular dress looks mature and capable; A turtleneck top paired with an extra skirt brings a long-lost vintage little fresh taste to the office.

Irregular striped shirt skirt, the first choice for spring and summer one-piece commuting; The turtleneck and irregular sleeveless dress are also mature and capable OL styles.

A long striped shirt with an orange and red split skirt on the lower body, the shape is crisp and neat, and there is no lack of bright and eye-catching points; And add a black suit on the outside, even if you remove the skirt underneath, you can wear the hem of the shirt to the effect of the skirt, making the overall look smart and unique.