Many families who like to raise flowers will place a flower stand on the balcony to improve the decoration. Since most of the balcony trellis are made of wood, we can make them ourselves at home! Below, the editor shares with all friends

Balcony flower stand

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Balcony trellis style

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First, the balcony flower stand production method:

1. Prepare materials

Start by preparing the necessary materials. These materials include nails, hammers, planks and sticks, etc., which can be prepared before you can start making flower stands.

2. Paint

Then there is the painting of wooden boards and sticks, here you can choose to brush or not, some people will brush in order to look good, so decide according to their preferences.

3. Make good shapes

The second is to make a wooden frame first, and build the wooden stick into the shape of a shelf, so that the wooden board can be better placed.

4. Nail wooden board

Then nail the wooden board directly to the shelf, it is best to nail more points, so that it can be more firm, and at the same time, the anti-slip rubber head can be nailed under the flower stand.

5. Molding

Then you can make shelves similar to those for storing items, so that you can also place flower pots and use unused shelves.

Second, the balcony trellis style:

1. Fold the floor standing flower stand solid wood

This flower stand adopts three-dimensional multi-layer space design, which is a real sky garden, and the creative structural shape brings you unique beauty, occupying a small area and saving space. The finishing frame is very exquisite, all of which are made of thickened wooden strips, selected high-quality solid wood materials, stable and powerful, and the space is also very large.

2. Hanging succulent railing flower stands on the window sill

With this flower stand, there is a green article in front of you, and standing on the balcony and looking at it, you feel more comfortable. A flower stand that can be hung on the balcony railing, and can place succulent flowers and plants, neat and orderly.

The optimized design of bracket and hook, uniform force area, stable and firm overall structure, thickened bracket, more stable shelf, the bottom of the grid frame is welded, very practical.

3. Wall-mounted succulent green multi-layer flower stand

While the wall-mounted flower stand saves space, it also adds a lot of color and a lot of fun to the monotonous wall.

4. Balcony flower trellis solid wood multi-layer storage shelf

This flower stand allows you to feel the natural atmosphere, environmentally friendly solid wood, and can also be used as a shelf for storage, which is particularly convenient and practical.

5. European wrought iron railing flower stand

So flower stand, European balcony railing flower stand, thickened border, simple and elegant flower stand, sturdy and durable design, very uniform without dead angles, hanging style, you don’t want.

It shows full quality, the use of environmentally friendly fabrics, polished very smooth, very practical, adding personality to the home.

6. Solid wood flower rack multi-layer floor-to-ceiling flower pot stand

This flower stand can place multiple pots of succulents, the quality is visible, the anti-corrosion effect is very good, and the alternating design of the upper and lower makes the potted plants look like a rare sense of elegance from afar, perfectly highlighting the atmosphere of the home.

7. Korean creative flower stand design

This flower stand is very sturdy and helps you create a sky garden, which can easily add a touch of beauty to your home.

8. Wrought iron multi-layer flower stand floor-to-ceiling type

Simple multi-layer wrought iron trellis, feel the artistic life from iron art, beautiful and atmospheric. Elegant European style, novel and elegant without losing monotony, classical retro feelings, adhere to pure hand-made, atmospheric and romantic, let your home become a beautiful landscape.

9. Multi-layer floor-standing flower pot rack

It can not only store your love flowers, no matter where it is placed, it is also very aesthetic and unique, such a flower stand is extremely beautiful.

10. European wrought iron multi-layer floor-standing flower pot rack

It is the best choice for you. The soft curve, but so strong and durable, white and beautiful pattern, multi-layered, want to add a touch of fresh flowers to the living room.

The above is what the editor shared about

Balcony trellis design

And the knowledge of production, friends who love to raise flowers, hurry up and dress up their own flowers!