On May 4, 2021, FAW-Volkswagen officially launched its first B+ class SUV, Lanjing. In the previous 6/7-seat SUV model segment, it was occupied by luxury brands, and FAW-Volkswagen, as the most knowledgeable Chinese person, launched the imposing Lanjing, positioned as a “new all-round flagship SUV”, and challenged luxury brands in an all-round way with strength. In addition to the domineering appearance of Lanjing that we can see, today we will talk about Lanjing’s luxurious and high-tech interior mood lights.

Interior ambient lights are LED lights, with the continuous development of the times, people’s life requirements continue to improve, textured cars have become more and more people’s needs. Car ambient lights can enhance people’s experience of riding in the car and improve the grade of the whole vehicle. Ambient lights can change the monotonous state of the car at night in the past, which is very recognizable, and now the interior ambient lights can be available in a variety of colors.

It can enhance sensory stimulation and improve the grade of the whole vehicle.

There are a total of 15 ambient lights in the Lanjing model: four-door guard trim, four-door guard, four-door guard panel opening handle, four-door guardhouse debris bucket lighting, dashboard trim, and the main and auxiliary driver’s foot lights. It is divided into three layers: the instrument panel and the door guard (including the door guard to open the handle light) are the upper layers; The door guard debris bucket lamp is the middle layer; The main and auxiliary drivers illuminate the foot lights for the lower level. In addition, the theme of the instrument cluster panel and center stack panel will change accordingly.

The ambient light turns on automatically when: after unlocking the car or opening a door; Turn on the ignition or start


, the ambient light automatically adjusts the brightness and ensures indirect lighting. How to adjust the color and brightness of ambient lights? This needs to enter the central control car, select the vehicle settings, and select the ambient lights. The system will recommend a default 5 styles of ambient lighting options, but in fact, 30 color options can be selected. This requires us to adjust to our individual preferences in the individual options.

There are four ambient light schemes for the ambient light personalization interface: the first is a monochrome scheme; The latter three are two-color schemes, and two different color distributions can be selected, corresponding to the main ambient light color and the secondary ambient lamp color. At this time, everyone may have doubts about the color of the main ambient light and the secondary ambient light. This actually corresponds to the above-mentioned upper and lower floors of decorative ambient lights. For example, according to personal preference, the color of the trim light on the door guard and the mood light color of the utility bucket can be set to be different, and the theme color corresponding to the instrument cluster and center console can also be changed accordingly.

How, isn’t the interior mood lighting of Lanjing very interesting! While we are driving, you can choose the color theme that suits your mood at that time and experience the comfortable and high-quality driving experience of Lanjing!