Mediterranean minimalist style

Using Mediterranean characteristics, create a minimalist style TV background wall, vertical stripe design, not only creative, novel, fashionable, but also use the original wood, full of texture, very temperamental.

Chinese feng shui ink bamboo painting

A Chinese style of ink and bamboo painting, very literary and artistic temperament, excellent style, antique color, is a classic beauty loved by many people.

3d non woven background wallpaper

It is very suitable for the background wall of people who like DIY, using 3D effects to create a three-dimensional space, and the non-woven fabric is not easy to fade, can be scrubbed, and its service life is long.

Acrylic stereoscopic mirror wall sticker

Nowadays, most families choose this wallpaper to create a TV background wall, with a three-dimensional mirror feeling, so that the living room looks too monotonous, boring, or always feel empty, if the small apartment lighting is not good, but also brighten the space.

Tile microcrystalline European style TV background wall

The monotonous white lacquered wall has long been outdated, and now it is used with high-end atmospheric high-grade ceramic tile microcrystalline to create a European-style background wall, which instantly makes your living room luxurious and exudes this artistic atmosphere.