Sometimes we are afraid that the sound of us playing on the computer will bother to others or if you don’t want to hear someone to hear, you will insert a computer headset on your computer, then which brand of computer headset? Next, let us Let’s learn about what brand of computer headphones, the latest recommendation with the computer headset.

什么品牌的电脑耳机好 电脑耳机最新推荐

What brand of computer headphones are good

1. Sennheiser Name of Sound Sea: Sennheiser, starting in Germany, the world recognized leading professional microphone and headphone manufacturer, the world’s premiere-none electroacoustic product / system synthesis and service integration solution providers

2. Iron triangle in 1962, Japan, dedicated to the design, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of audio equipment, well-known brands, iron triangles (Greater China) Co., Ltd.

3. BEATS The world’s leading high-performance headset brand, high-end weaving headphones well-known brand, Apple, Top Ten Headphones Brand, Weixin Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

什么品牌的电脑耳机好 电脑耳机最新推荐

4. Sony Sony began in 1946, Japan, representative enterprises, world electronic 3C / game / financial / entertainment field, Sony Company, Sony

5. Philips Philips in 1891, the Netherlands, the world-wide multinational electronic brand, focusing on the large-scale electronic company in health care / quality life and lighting, Royal Philips, Netherlands

什么品牌的电脑耳机好 电脑耳机最新推荐

Computer headset latest recommendation

KANEN IP-600 headset stereo line control mobile phone headset for Apple iPhone6 ​​Samsung Xiaohong rice cool 39.9 yuan

KANEN / card IP-878 mobile phone headset headset headset headset single hole notebook with microphone trend super bass 49 yuan

什么品牌的电脑耳机好 电脑耳机最新推荐

Confluence G2000 computer game headphone heavy beep tape microphone microphone notebook desktop headset black blue 69 yuan

什么品牌的电脑耳机好 电脑耳机最新推荐

Somic / Somic G925 89 yuan

After reading this brand’s computer headset, do you have a certain understanding of the latest article of computer headphones? I hope to help you.