Winter boots,

There is temperature and grace.

Winter is the best season to wear boots,

It is a sharp match for winter dressing.

Two years of boots

fashion trends,

It must be

less than knees,


Boots that reach just up to the knee.

Knight boots

First Frost

Knight boots have been on fire for several years in a row,

This year,

The heat has not abated in the slightest,

Whether it’s a show or a blogger’s street shoot,

The shadow of the knight’s boots can always be seen.

Wide and wide cuff,

The material is stiff without too many folds,

The flat bottom is comfortable and handsome,

It’s all a label for knight’s boots.

hard properties,

And cover the height of the calf,


Very good leg shape,

This is also an important reason why the knight boots have been on fire.

French fashion blogger Leia Sfez

It is a deep lover of knight’s boots,

Last year, the pregnancy period was warmer

Skinny little black pants match,

Comfortable and handsome.

After the baby is born this winter,

Just pair it with more fashionable and sexy stockings,

With the handsomeness of the boots,

Even if the skin is looming

It doesn’t feel cheesy either.

In addition to the regular knight boots,

irregular cuffs,

and a thick sole that combines the style of rain boots

It is also a hot style this year.

The style of the belt buckle

is a classic design in the knight’s boots,

The leather buckle at the cuff of the boot is simple and handsome,


The small design also makes the outfit more layered.

Boots from major brands have also appeared

Belt buckle, color-block print and three-dimensional pattern

A style of knight’s boots designed for it.

Proving that the knight’s boots will not be obsolete for almost two years,

And the momentum will get stronger and stronger.

So it’s not too late to get your hands on the Knight Boots.




High-heeled wide-leg boots

Wide-leg boots with high heels

And the knight’s boots have the characteristics of a wide barrel,

But the property of high heels,

It can add a little more tall to women.

Round toe

Round-toed style,

Retains the handsomeness of wide-legged boots,

High heels add femininity,

Suitable for most girls to wear.

The already thin cuff of the boot,

Add a few centimeters of height,

More tall and upright,

It looks good with bare legs and pants.

The coat is underneath a cropped bottom,

There is a temperature in the coat,

Indoors, take off your coat and be personable.

Weather permitting,

Leia’s winter wide-heeled boots can be worn in a way that can be replicated.


Pointy toe boots are the symbol of sexiness and modernity.

In the past two years, the trend of popularity is more inclined

Ankle and cuff width, thin heel,

The combination of these two designs makes pointy-toe boots

More feminine, more fashionable.

Whether it’s barelegs, skirts, pants,

It can find its own positioning very well,

Beautiful and not deliberate, making the whole outfit more colorful.

Pile boots

Heap of heap boots,

Not because of length and material

The folds appear as a last resort,

It’s a sense of shape that is born to be stacked.

Harmony is key when choosing colors,

Tonal premium and eye-catching,

Contrasting colors are modern and stylish.

Stiff pile boots,

There is a mature feminine style,

The sense of youthful chic doesn’t work here.

LV Fall/Winter 2021 show also has a wide stack boot,

Bella and the major fashion bloggers are already on their feet,

Except for all black,

There are also blue-brown panels.

Stylish and stylish.

△ Louis Vuitton

Cowboy boots

The cowboy boot trend is back,

Pointed toe, block heel, V-shaped cuff

These three elements in one cowboy boots,

Make it even with ordinary pieces,

You can also wear the most fashionable style.

The classic way to wear cowboy boots,

Or tucking the trouser leg into the cuff of the boot is the most tasteful,

Folds naturally formed by trouser legs,

It’s the sign of the most denim.

Winter should be the season to wear boots, under the layers of clothes, revealing firm and neat boots, which can not only make the outfit more layered, but also make us look more upright. The female leg line can be seen through the boots, allowing you to enter and exit any occasion more freely, retaining your handsomeness and freedom. Wear boots in winter, it’s time!

First Frost