Bamboo cotton fabric, more hard, not soft and fluffy material, textured. The low-key coffee color is also a simple and textured color. Straight fit, sleeves are relatively long, it is recommended to roll up casually when wearing it, it looks better.

Simple and neat cut, unique, without any cumbersome details, just simple and clean, well handled between light and heavy. It’s like a person’s charisma, a pursuit and attitude toward life.

Knitted with a cotton neckline, it exudes a touch of tranquility in tranquility. Loose and comfortable, from the moment you touch it. Available in two colours, it’s versatile.

Delicate round neck, simple and generous, easy to lengthen the neck curve. Simple letter design on the chest, simple and stylish.

Simple and versatile short-sleeved T-shirt, solid color and lettering T-shirt, simply versatile! The inner wear alone is super beautiful, simple and fanciful! People can’t help but think of the lonely and lonely little prince, and white looks not ordinary at all

The overall simple big brand, very charming, clean and neat. Linen fabric, comfortable and breathable, let you cool off in summer.

Refreshing and breathable high-quality cotton fabric, loose style, the little man on the clothes is very cute, soft and comfortable, and the upper body is comfortable! Simple without losing personality!

Classic short-sleeved T-shirt, comfortable and simple and versatile ~~ retro loose version, fat and thin MM easy to control ~~~ Easy with pants or skirts can be, fun and age-reducing T, recommended.

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