Which is better to use elastin or essential oil? Correct use of the right hair can make your curly hair look better!

Perm is all taken care of, it is inevitable to use some styling products, and now the more popular styling products are elastin and essential oils. It cannot be said that elastin or essential oils are good, because the effects of these two things are different, the usage is also different, the effect is good for hair and hairstyle, the method is not right hairstyle, the effect is not good. Below I will first popularize the difference between elastin and essential oil, in the conversation about the use of these two styling products, you know that elastin and essential oils are very good, but to be able to use, to use the right hair, in order to achieve the best styling effect.

Elastin works to moisturize, moisturize and lightly sculpt. Essential oils, on the other hand, have the effect of moisturizing, lubricating and increasing gloss. Cold perm hairstyles need to be treated with elastic, while hot blanming needs to be styled with essential oils. For example, the wool curly hairstyle that is now popular must use elastin. And Japanese wet hair styling or hot bullet curly hairstyle, the effect of essential oils is very good. One is to have a wet effect, and the other is to have a loose breathable or dry hair effect, so choosing a care method and product according to the needs of the hairstyle is the most reliable method.

If you perm a natural big bend hot perm hairstyle, the hair will appear inelastic with elastin, and the hair is loose and lacks cohesion, which breaks the perfect effect of the hot perm getting drier, curlier and smoother. If the wool rolls are treated with essential oils, the hair will be fluffy and disheveled, and the spiral strands of the wool rolls cannot be expressed.

Let’s share with you tips for taking care of your hair after perming

When you finish perming your hair, the hairstylist will take care of your hair and use some styling products, which are nothing more than elastin, foaming wax, essential oils, serums and the like. Some are suitable for the styling of wet curly hair, some are suitable for the styling of dry curly hair, and some are suitable for the styling of straight hair types, so be sure to distinguish what hairstyle you are perming, or what kind of styling effect you need to achieve, according to these requirements and effects, choose the right styling products.

1. Wet curls:

Many people like the curls of their hair in a damp state, and after drying, the hair is frizzy, the curl and elasticity disappear and lacks luster. In the early days, most of the perms were wet hair styles, at that time, the foam mode was more prevalent, and the girls who permed each had a bottle of Morse to keep the hair wet at any time, but Morse would make the hair feel very hard and make the hairstyle look a little dull. Later, there was a product of elastin, which completely replaced Morse and ended the era of Morse.

Elastin has the same characteristics as Morse, that is, the moisturizing effect is great. The biggest difference with Morse is that the elastin is very soft, there is no stiff feeling, and it is a soft feeling at will, so it is called the most important styling product for perms now.

Styling tips for wet hair curls:

After shampooing, dry the hair to the extent that it does not drip water, apply elastin, with the help of the moisture on the hair it is easier to apply elastin evenly, use your hands to grasp from the ends of the hair up, fingers into the hair to grasp up, make sure that the hair is glued with elastin.

Use a hair dryer to dry the hair roots, blow the hair to semi-dry with long-distance warm air, and then apply a little elastin again, because when the hair is semi-dry, the part that is not applied will appear frizzy, and this time for this part of the application, is to make up for the omission of the first application, especially dry hair can be sprayed with some water in the application, and then let the hair dry naturally, or use a hood to dry.

2. Dry hair curls:

Dry hair curl is the original shape of the hair after blowing or natural drying, or the styling blown with a hair dryer, in this case it is best to use a little essential oil to increase the shine of the hair, make the frizzy hair more lubricated, will not destroy the already blown shape, the hair is still dry after application, there is no trace of the use of styling, this is the dry hair roll style.

Styling tips for dry hair curls:

According to the requirements of the perm curl, use cold air drying, natural air drying or hair dryer shape, and then rub the essential oil on the palm of your hand, and then grab it from the ends of the hair upwards to make the curl more elastic and frizzy broken hair converge. Or apply to the surface of the hair to hide the frizzy breakouts of the short.

3. Loose roll:

Loose curls are half-dry, half-wet looks, and most Japanese hairstyles feel this way. The ends of the hair do not condense into hair balls, nor do they have wet hair strands, but loose hair colors make up a breathable hairstyle.

Styling tips for loose rolls:

In the wet hair state, first apply elastin, blow semi-dry, then apply essential oils, then all blow dry, and finally apply a little essential oil, you can take care of this loose and flexible, but also has a semi-dry and semi-wet styling style, the effect is very fashionable.


The above method is the use of elastin and essential oils and their respective advantages and disadvantages, and it is also my experience of many years of hairdressing experience, I hope it will be useful to everyone, thank you for reading. Personal opinion, don’t spray if you don’t like it! Like my professional interpretation, please like and encourage, recognize my views, hope to continue to get dry goods sharing please follow me!

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