The temperature in spring is hot and cold, and when faced with what to wear to keep warm and fashionable, many girls will choose shirts. Shirts occupy a certain proportion in women’s clothing throughout the year, and in spring it has become the home of the street, and the cardigan style with just the thickness can not only be worn alone, but also worn inside or outside to cope with the temperature changes in the spring morning and evening, and the upper body is very easy to highlight the simple and neat temperament, highlighting the more capable side of women.

Although white shirts are classic and versatile, I believe that most women will feel too ordinary, and if they want to wear them eye-catching, they must choose more fashionable styles. One of the popular shirt pieces this year is both practical and eye-catching, and it is a striped shirt. The classic and eye-catching striped print gives shirts a more vibrant and jumpy feel, making it easy to create a stylish look. So, today I will talk to you about the wearing method of striped shirts, which can be casual and commuting, and Yang Mihai wore them early in the morning.

1. Striped shirt + suit pants

The combination of shirt and trousers can be said to be a more common set of matching in the outfit of women in the workplace, and trousers can continue the neat sense of the shirt and retain the simple style of the overall shape. Compared with other styles of shirts, striped shirts can highlight their own personality, enhance the fashionable atmosphere of the whole LOOK, and the combination of trousers not only has a formal sense of workplace wear, but also does not make people feel dull and monotonous, trendy and can highlight the elegant style of women.

When wearing a striped shirt, a strong style, try to choose basic color suit pants to make the whole body more coordinated, avoid too many colors and produce visual conflicts, and show the high-end texture of clothing. Like Li Chun’s outfit, he chose a striped shirt and black suit trousers, with an extended hem design that lined the legs slender and straight, and with neat short hair, it showed a strong woman’s aura.

2. Striped shirt + skirt

After a whole winter, many girls on the streets in the spring have begun to change into flowing skirts. And in all skirt styles, skirts in the spring are more favored by women than dresses, can match the hot and cold weather with different tops, can be created style styling is also very diversified, of which striped shirts and skirts are very popular at the moment, like Yang Mi like to wear, simple and casual combination of the two pieces, can make the overall look in the vitality and quiet of the two styles to switch freely, while bringing a certain age-reducing effect.

Most striped shirts are on the long side, if you want to highlight the proportions of girls, you can also match the high-waist style skirt to raise the waistline, the hem of the shirt into the waist of the skirt, visually can lengthen the proportion of the lower body, show the leg length and bring a smart style. Haiqing’s style changed to choose a striped shirt with a high-waisted skirt, and the tightened belt design made her waist very thin, and the whole person’s temperament was instantly improved.

3. Striped shirt + jeans

The little sister who takes the casual route naturally can’t miss the “striped shirt + jeans” set of matching, the classic and outdated Oxford fabric can weaken the formality of the striped shirt, make the whole body more fashionable, it is easy to create a personality trend street style, very handsome. For example, Yang Mi’s LOOK chose a blue and white striped shirt with cropped jeans, the whole shape is simple but not simple, very suitable for daily occasions.

When the weather is a little hot, girls with a good figure can also wear denim shorts to show off their long legs, which can not only show their body advantages, but also make the look more casual. However, it should also be noted that if the shirt is not tucked into the waistband, try to wear it as open as possible to avoid lowering the height and blurring the waistline. Tang Yixin wore a striped shirt with a pair of high-waisted denim shorts, and the rolled-up loose cuffs were designed to be more fashionable, and the whole body was full of vitality.

4. Wear a striped shirt as a skirt

Lazy cancer stars who don’t want to spend their attention on matching, you can also choose a long striped shirt to wear as a skirt, in order to prevent the light, you can feel free to wear a pair of safety pants or short bottoms, which can not only create the unique flowing atmosphere of the skirt, but also bring a sense of déjà vu of stealing boyfriend’s clothes, proper boyfriend style. Zhang Li’s airport style wears a striped shirt as a skirt, showing her slender legs perfectly, and there is a lazy atmosphere in her sexiness.

When wearing a striped shirt as a skirt, in order to avoid the whole shape being too rigid, try to undo the buttons of the front placket two or three, it is best to present the effect of a V-neck, so that you can achieve the effect of modifying the face shape and neck line, even women with short necks can control it, like Miranda Kerr unbuttoned wear is very casual and natural, combined with a fresh blue and white stripe design, full of youthful vitality.

The white shirt has fallen out of favor, and this spring-summer striped shirt is just right, Yang Mihai put it on early in the morning. Striped shirts, as one of the must-have items in spring, are very moldable in combination, with trousers can create a commuting OL style, wearing skirts or jeans with a casual feeling, there is always a suit for you.

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