Rubber pipe, aluminum-plastic pipe, stainless steel pipe, which is the favorite of gas water heaters?

When customers choose gas water heaters, they are particularly concerned about their safety, and water heater manufacturers spare no effort to promote the various safety protection technologies used in their products. In fact, today, 37 years after gas water heaters enter China, as long as they are qualified products from regular manufacturers, the safety is very reliable. According to statistics, the vast majority of indoor gas accidents are caused by gas pipes, yes! You read that right, it’s that humble yellow hose.

The humble yellow hose was originally rubber, the rubber tube is soft, easy to route, easy to install, can be snapped with a snap, and has a service life of 18 months, which is a common type of gas pipe. The rubber pipe has the disadvantages of easy aging, falling off, wear, easy to be bitten by rats, and easy to fall off the buckle, once the maintenance is not timely, it is very easy to have accidents. Now the new installed users of gas companies no longer use rubber gas pipes, but recommend the use of aluminum-plastic gas pipes and stainless steel gas pipes.

Aluminum-plastic gas pipe is a new type of pipe composed of intermediate layer welded aluminum pipe, inner and outer layers of polyethylene plastic and hot melt adhesive co-extrusion between layers, which is impact resistant and corrosion-resistant. The middle layer longitudinal welding aluminum alloy makes the tube have the compressive strength of metal, and the impact resistance makes the tube easy to bend and not rebound. Aluminum-plastic pipe has two characteristics of strong pressure resistance of metal pipe and acid and alkali corrosion resistance of plastic pipe, and the service life is up to 50 years.

The outer layer of stainless steel gas bellows is PE hose sleeve, and the inner layer is a flexible tubular shell with corrugated shape by machining high-quality austenitic stainless steel tube form. Stainless steel gas bellows has good strength, easy to bend, rat bite resistance, high and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good sealing, long service life, and can effectively solve the problems of pipeline aging, corrosion, bursting, leakage caused by pipeline damage.

The outer skin of the aluminum-plastic pipe is made of polyethylene, and the ultraviolet rays in the sunlight can accelerate the aging and degradation of polyethylene, so the aluminum-plastic pipe is best not exposed to sunlight. In addition, the aluminum-plastic pipe can not be buried, if you want to walk the dark pipe, you can use stainless steel bellows (the casing is also needed outside). But the price of stainless steel bellows is its fatal flaw, and users often refuse because of the high price. In short, when the budget allows, stainless steel gas bellows is still recommended.

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