Italy has a sugar called Alps, Japan has a sugar called Bujia, China: have eaten this, when it comes to sweets, there should be many girls like, especially snacks, etc., whether it is children or girls, many people can not resist the temptation. When I was a child, I often ate candy, especially children feel that candy is difficult to digest and can be eaten for a long time, today I will talk about sweets.

Everyone in the Alps has eaten it. I think a lot of people are not used to this brand. Some people think that it is made in China. In fact, this is a well-known brand in Italy. It has a strong fruity flavor. and for every taste. Not only candy, but also individually wrapped candies, each flavor has a different color of packaging, the price of five corners is not expensive at all.

Next is “Fujika”, the packaging of Fujiya is very cute, and this brand has not only candy, but also biscuits, chocolate, etc., their lollipops are made of paper lollipops!

So what are the Chinese sweets? It’s definitely a “stick”, have you ever eaten a stick? Different color packaging shows different tastes, inside is flat round sugar, it tastes sweet and sour, how much is a cheap time? However, there are many types of candy now, so you can’t see denim sticks very much, but it was a hot snack in front of the school at that time.