Don’t fat girls have to wear leggings? Xiaobian once asked a girl next to me, she is relatively fat, never wears leggings in winter, I asked her why she doesn’t wear it, doesn’t she feel cold? She gave me a sentence: because fat ah~ Although fat people have fat to resist cold, they will also be cold, don’t do not want temperature for that momentary demeanor. Choose the right leggings to make you lose at least ten pounds!

1. Fleece high-waist leggings

Choose leggings do not have to be worn inside, we can also wear the kind of leggings like pants, the inside is very warm with pleece, high-waist leggings easily press your belly into it, the choice of fleece plays a warm role in keeping you warm, the overall fit is more leg-trimmed, versatile, highlighting the unruly style of personality, making the pants look fashionable.

2. Slim pencil leggings

Leggings in lustrous fabric, you have a shiny feeling when you wear them. Exquisite fit, fashionable and generous, unique shape of small foot design, more fashionable; Coupled with the simple and atmospheric three-dimensional division of the waist line, it can tighten the curve of the abdomen and waist and cover the flesh of the waist; And the elasticity is very good, close and comfortable, while keeping warm, it shows more slender and beautiful legs.

3. Sports fit magic leggings

Goddess versatile pair of sporty magic leggings, slim and thin, not only full of fashion, but also full of temperament. Little sister who loves sports in winter, you can directly choose this autumn pants to go to the gym, don’t be afraid of cold, there are still hairy inside; Try different styles to attract the attention of others, so that you can easily shape charming curves during the workout process.

4. Japanese-style vertical striped leggings

Compression stockings are a little more difficult to wear than ordinary tights. Why? The pressure to say good must be a little stressful. But it is really thinner than the general leggings, squeeze the flesh down, the legs are more than ten pounds thin, but pay attention to the aunt’s beautiful eyebrows do not wear it, although it is thin, but if you feel uncomfortable, don’t force yourself to wear it.

5. Corduroy leggings

Now there are many colorful leggings on the market, girls must not choose casually, not only difficult to match but also not thin, it seems that the whole match is very low. In winter, if you want a brighter color, it is recommended that these vermilion leggings are better, and if you wear them alone, wear them with boots, and your temperament will be improved at once.

6. Korean version of cotton leggings

This lettered leggings is very distinctive, and it is very well-behaved and cute when paired with a white top; The more casual style, of course, is to match a pair of small white shoes, and finally look at the overall matching, instantly add a sweet ladylike temperament, especially beautiful and pure, outline the leg line, appear tall and thin.

This winter, the fat sister no longer has to worry about wearing an extra pair of leggings to look fatter!

Well, that’s it for today’s introduction to clothing, thank you very much for reading and supporting me~