Zhao Liying’s career is very strong, since returning to work after giving birth, she has devoted herself to work, not only filming several TV series in a row, but also busy with various magazine advertisements in her spare time, but even so, she has not forgotten her son, and recently exposed a group of Reuters photos of her son thinking about visiting his mother on the Internet. Zhao Liying’s 2-year-old son rarely appears! Perfect inheritance of mom’s little round face, it’s super cute to be held in your arms

Zhao Liying’s son inherits his mother’s beauty

Black down jacket + black and white contrast slacks + cap

Styling keywords: leisure, warmth, thick

I am only two years old this year, and I can say yes

Perfectly inherited my mother’s little round face

, Meat Toot is very cute and cute, and on the day of the visit, he is wearing one

Black lapel down jacket

, with

Black and white striped slacks

The color is simple and not monotonous,

It’s very atmospheric to match.

In addition to this, a black cap, in color, is also paired with a black cap

It forms a good unity with the overall shape

, and at the same time can play a very role

Nice warmth

, so to speak

Beautiful and practical

, was held in his arms and behaved extraordinarily.

Zhao Liying’s activity style

And Zhao Liying’s style of shooting advertisements on the day is also quite present

Princess Fan

, a fluffy and wavy long curly hair casually draped in front of her, with a bandeau with a broken diamond color dress, especially goddess style.

Zhao Liying’s body condition is actually not particularly excellent, and the biggest disadvantage is

The waist line is too long, and the arms are short

, This is one of the reasons why she is often criticized for not being fashionable, so when choosing clothing, be

Be able to leverage strengths and avoid weaknesses,

Use these tips to dress flexibly.

01: Choose a garment with a high waist cut

Too long a waist line will naturally lead to a shortened leg line, so in order to be able to improve the proportion of the body, we can choose to have

Clothing with a high waist design,

In this way, both can be straight

The view outlines Zhao Liying’s small waist

, and at the same time

Raise the waist line and increase the proportion of the legs

to create more



02: Adopt a combination of upper short and lower high

In addition to the simplest high-waisted clothing, you can also add classic ones when matching,

Combination of top short and bottom high.

For example, this crop top on the body, simple suspender knit bandeau

Take advantage of slim design,

Well built

Sexy and refreshing effect

At the same time exposed

A flat lower abdomen can easily be the visual focus of the entire outfit

, let the audience ignore the length of her arms, so that she can not only show off her figure generously, but also create a full fashion modern effect.

03: Short skirts are taller than long skirts

When choosing a skirt, girls with a relatively delicate and small figure like Zhao Liying should pay attention to:

Short skirts are far more effective than long skirts.

On the one hand, the design of the short skirt is more neat

, Like this red high-waisted skirt on Zhao Liying’s body, up to two-thirds of the thighs, the beautiful legs exposed can be

Creates a good sense of extension


For people with a pear-shaped body

It’s OK

Effectively cover problems such as false crotch width

On the other hand,

Made of short skirts

The temperament should be more lively and delicate

, very suitable for girls like Zhao Liying who take the sweet route, and at the same time when matching with short skirts,

You can choose a pointed toe heel

, which can increase the sharpness of the shape and make it more impactful.

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Zhao Liying gene won! The 2-year-old son wears a down jacket to visit the class, perfectly inheriting his mother’s small round face and super cute