On January 22nd, Gao De map released the third-generation car navigation, car navigation capabilities from “leaders” to “human car co-guide”, using AI vision technology and high-precision map to realize lane-level navigation, let road planning and Guide is more accurate, helping the intelligent driving industry upgrade.


The third-generation car navigation in the technical plan, in depth, in-depth cooperation with full stack of auto-developed car companies, opens two technology scenes and automatic driving domains, integration of navigation capacity and high-precision map capacity, not only Navigation is upgraded by road level to drive, while dynamic information and automatic driving decision information that perceived automatic driving system and automatic driving decision information are more accurately matched with lane-level navigation, and the driver can understand and understand the vehicle driving status in real time.

Wei Dong, Vice President of Gaode Map, General Manager of the Auto Business Center, said that with the intelligent acceleration of automobiles, the value of the software is getting bigger and larger, and the “human car coach” will become normal. Behind the human car relationship, navigation is a critical bond, how to provide information to the driver, let the driver not only know what the car is seen, and know what the car is thinking, this is to achieve “human car co-guide” Premise.

As China’s leading digital map, navigation and location service provider, Gao De map has been committed to the development of electronic maps in car navigation in 2002, and took the lead in solving the first generation of car navigation for path navigation problems; with mobile Internet The precipitation of the development of high-German traffic big data capabilities can reflect the high-tech map cargo version of the high-tech car navigation; the third-generation car navigation based on high-precision map and Ai vision technology is Gao De A New Exploration for the Age of “Human Car Spread”.

The third generation car navigation, relying on real-time data under the full ecology of Gaode, knowing China’s road conditions, making the alley more accurate. According to the third-party data of QuestMobile, as of 2020, Gao De moon is more than 570 million yuan, with more than 200 urban transport authorities, and real-time road conditions cover the national 360+ cities and 95% high-speed road network. At present, Gao De High Jing Map has completed more than 300,000 kilometers of high-speed and urban expressway coverage, and the city’s ordinary roads have been covered.

The third generation car navigation, relying on high-precision map, also makes positioning and guidance. The lane-level data and lane-level positioning ability make the boot more refined; dynamically calculate the lane and front road conditions change, can transfer more efficient driving information than the path level; the first SR environmental reality “technology, based on the car Perceived ability, exquisite rendering and visualization display of traffic participants and road facilities around you, and the driving experience is significantly improved.

It is understood that “third-generation car navigation” is the next-generation car navigation solution combined with hardware and software, relying on the full stack of self-research ability of cooperative car companies, the first-grade self-research ability has been taken to the Xiaopeng Automobile NGP automatic navigation assistance to complete depth, and A number of well-known car companies are about to complete.


Wei Dong, Vice President of Gaode Map, General Manager of Automobile Business Center, said that in 19 years, Gao De always pursues the continuous improvement of professionalism, and insists on doing a living map. The intelligent wave of software-defined automobiles, Gao Ech is committed to helping smart automobile software’s ability to continue progress, willing to cooperate with more partners to find innovation, and explore.