Performance of stainless steel special-shaped tube after surface coloring processing

Stainless steel special-shaped steel pipe is a general term for steel pipes with other cross-sectional shapes in addition to round pipes, which can generally be divided into: oval special-shaped steel pipes, triangular special-shaped steel pipes, hexagonal special-shaped steel pipes, diamond-shaped special-shaped steel pipes, stainless steel U-shaped steel pipes, D-shaped pipes, stainless steel bends, S-shaped bends and so on.

The surface treatment of special-shaped tubes is mainly to fill the pores of the oxide film and strengthen the oxide film layer to improve its wear resistance, corrosion resistance and stain resistance. There are three main properties of stainless steel special-shaped tubes treated by coloring process, which are briefly introduced below.

1. Corrosion resistance: the surface of the stainless steel special-shaped tube has excellent corrosion resistance after coloring processing, the main reasons are two points, one is that the composition of the color film on the tube surface is the same as its passivation film, and it is thicker, so the corrosion resistance of the tube is far stronger than that of ordinary stainless steel; The second is that after the coloring solid film treatment, a large amount of 3-valent chromium will be deposited in the micropores of the coloring film, so that the chromium iron ratio in the coloring film is much higher than the ratio in the base metal, so the corrosion resistance of colored stainless steel is much stronger than that of non-colored stainless steel.

2. Heat resistance: color stainless steel special-shaped tube has strong heat resistance, immersed in boiling water for 28 days, exposed to 150 °C drying conditions for 5 weeks, exposed to 200 °C drying conditions for 3 weeks, long-term exposure below 200 °C, heated to 300 °C, these tests will not change its surface color, and other properties such as the adhesion of the surface film are also no obvious changes.

3. Abrasion resistance and scratch resistance: The hardening treatment after coloring the stainless steel special-shaped pipe will enhance the wear resistance and scratch resistance of the coloring film on the surface of the tube. The surface coloring film can withstand more than 200 times of friction (no wear through) of rubber with a load of 500g, can withstand the steel needle engraving (no scratching) of 50~120g load, and can withstand 888 rpm of friction and bottom exposure time of 12 minutes.

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