Many couples will choose to hold weddings during this time, the most beautiful wedding season, how can there be less best men and bridesmaids, weddings are one of the most formal occasions, so the dress is also quite exquisite, although the best man is a supporting role, but the aura can not be lost, how to do without a bright and handsome dress?

For men’s dresses, there are two ways, one is private customization, the other is to buy ready-to-wear, first clarify what you want, buy finished products or customize? However, if you have high requirements for the fit and various details of the suit, then choose to customize, but if you have time.

Choice of material

The texture and color of the dress made of good materials are relatively high-quality, and it gives people a noble and elegant feeling when worn. Fabrics made of pure wool or mercerized, rayon, etc. are a good choice this season.

1. Pure wool mainly includes animal hair and chemical fiber blended wool. Wool, that is, wool, rabbit hair and other fibers have the natural style characteristics of natural fibers. Bright color, good gloss, structure, elasticity. Gas prices will also be higher.

2. The manufacturing cost of polyester, spandex and such fibers is relatively low and cheap. However, its warmth and elastic recovery rate are lower than those of pure wool, but it will not be moth-eaten, but it is easy to pill.

3. Mercerized wool is ordinary wool after chemical treatment and physical treatment, so that the wool becomes smooth, shiny, anti-shrinkage when washing, suitable for wedding dresses. After treatment, the wool has an increased luster, and its main characteristics are shrinkage resistance, machine washability, and pilling resistance.

Choice of style

The style of the dress is divided into one button, double row or multiple rows, but the choice of style is also very particular.

1. If you want to make this dress more ceremonial, you can consider a double-breasted dress, but generally few people tie both buttons. But it should be noted that short and fat people should try to avoid double-breasted, and the cracked belly is very unsightly.

2. The green fruit collar of one button is also very common in dresses, which is more solemn.

Choice of color pattern

The next thing is to choose the color of the dress, when choosing the fabric color, you can not blindly pursue fashion and ignore whether it suits you, otherwise no matter how beautiful the pattern can not set off the beauty you want to achieve, but even if you think you are handsome to burst, don’t have a color with the groom, in short, you know! For example, you can also refer to your body type as a reference.

1, everyone knows that dark colors have a sense of contraction, light colors have a sense of expansion, such as navy blue, carbon gray, gray blue, black These colors are more suitable for fat people, and these colors are still very practical and will not be outdated. And thin people can boldly choose light-colored dresses, wide stripes, large checks, and various stripes to make casually.

2, short and thin people, suit colors as far as possible to pure color, avoid choosing obvious striped fabrics, otherwise it will appear thinner, tall and thin people, color can be boldly chosen, solid color and plaid fabric is a good choice, bright wide stripes will also look very stylish, avoid choosing dark pinstripes, not outstanding, fat people, avoid choosing light colors or obvious plaid fabrics, you can consider wide stripes or chalk stripes.


The lining is the basis for the quality of the entire dress. The lining material of the high-quality dress is also very exquisite, in other words, it will not be very inferior. Because the lining is sewn inside the dress, many people tend to overlook that the material and workmanship of the dress lining are all related to the width of the dress, in other words, testing the quality of a dress plays a key role.


In order to prevent silk removal, a good dress will use hemming between the lining and the cloth, which is very important, the hemming will make the fabric and the inner fabric more snugly and tight, and will not appear loose and silky after wearing for a long time. However, relatively inexpensive dresses generally do not have this hemming, but are sewn with a machine up and down needles, so that it is easy to break the inside.

Reinforced cloth

Stiffeners are generally used in the larger details of the armpit movement to prevent the inner crack. However, many dresses will cancel this detail in order to save costs.

Inner pocket

The inner pocket of men’s dress is very important, and some people will place silk scarves and other decorations in the inner pocket of the chest in order to increase the sense of joy, so it must not be very slack, and the stitching around it should be strong enough and the surface should be flat.

In short, being a best man is a very honorable thing. Although the best man is not the protagonist in the wedding, the costume must also be decent and generous, maybe this wedding can meet your significant other. is a consultant shopping consumption guidance website, a shopping consumption guidance expert around you! Provide consumers with professional shopping and consumption knowledge, help consumers solve various troubles in shopping consumption, and make shopping consumption more professional and simpler!