Denim shorts have become popular in recent years. Different brands have different designs and styles of denim shorts. Denim shorts are popular not only at home, but also abroad. So, how do you pronounce jeans? Let her, the time-wasting person, tell you.

How to read denim shorts in English

Denim shorts in English. Vintage denim shorts are known in English as Vintage Denim Shorts. Stitch line denim shorts in English. Fashion denim shorts in English as DKNY. Men’s denim shorts are Calvin Klein Jeans Uneven Indigo. Women’s denim shorts are English for For All Mankind Bermuda. Raw denim shorts are Cut C offs in English. Denim shorts are hot denim shorts in English. Vintage blue denim shorts in English as Vintage blue denim shorts. Vintage denim shorts are Vintage Denim Shorts in English. Antique blue denim shorts in English as Vintage blue denim shorts.

Denim shorts style recommended

1, ripped denim shorts

Holes are the classic design of denim, holes are what our young people like, it represents a free attitude, but also increases the sense of popularity on the street, let’s change into models walking on the street, and take off all denim shorts, it is very special, very fashionable.

2, Rolled denim shorts

This is the most basic denim shorts, rolled denim shorts are simple and generous, and can modify the thigh fat, can be matched with any top, without too much decoration, it looks good and comfortable to wear, suitable for student parties, and the simple answer with a T-shirt is OK.

3. Irregular denim shorts

The irregular cut reveals personality from the inside out.

If you are worried about not knowing how to read denim shorts, you can refer to the English article above on how to read denim shorts and try the English pronunciation of boots and denim shorts.