Starting from the spring, the clothes in the closet gradually transition to light, where the minimum is the color of “clear”. Get rid of winter dull, refreshing open new year.

The more you get the color, the more you can dress, but if you want to stay in the summer, you are still a blue shirt of Liu Wen.


Recently, Liu Wen’s set of heavy places once again, not a bright model, but it is too lazy and a gentle refreshing feeling, too suitable from spring to summer.

This kind of light blue is not only a hundred, with the land of the shirt, the small lapel, the fashionable temperament is not Zhang Yang, and the jeans are very good.

Blue shirt, refreshing lazy temperament

If there is no such color in your wardrobe, you can’t miss this cool.

Light blue is not like other gorgeous colors, and there is no clear style. It belongs to the style of taking the style of the style. It wants to do it.

This is the case.

Daily wearing a point-rate Liu Wen, with dark blue loose jeans, add a soft and casual flavor for a slightly skilled blue shirt. Plus

The white doll lapel is embellished, and the innocent is a bit sweet, it is very intriguing. Plus this fog rain-tone background, very atmosphere.

Blue shirts can be calculated separately with a fashion item, small detail adjustment, with adjustment to wear different flavors, let’s talk about the recommended blue shirt style and match.

What are the blue shirts whose style is in the bottom?

Pure color: refreshing and practicing more

The refreshing blue shirts have many stars, and the supermodels have interpretation, and He Ni is also one. In the first solid color blue shirt, her deposit and matching method will wear a refreshing practice.


There is no color matching doll lapel, the simplest basic style is also the most concentrated, she is stacked in a suit, but also makes the cool practice more intense.

Pure blue shirts If the style is thinner, slim, it is very suitable for stacked half skirts with a wearing angle.

Especially a little lazy French-open skirt, like this type of light fabric with a spots, simple blue + coffee stack, wear refreshing summer lazy, properly wearing To summer.

In addition to laminated skirts, if the style of the blue shirt is relaxed enough, it is also a good way to create the lower body disappearance.

Especially in the summer, it can be used as a sunscreen, but also a slim leg, it is very suitable for the fine leg Girl, Yang Mi loves this kind of wearing, her blue shirt is also refreshing and fashionable.


Striped: vitality, stacking more


In addition to solid color, the striped is more trendy, and in a lot of stacked shapes, it is also a brightest touch.

Liu Wen is in a light blue laminated, I like to use stripes to highlight energy, this irregular thick design of this striped shirt is a refreshing and fashionable little bright spot.

Striped shirt If you look at the design of the style, or try to use a thinner fabric, the summer refreshment will be more refined.

This is the case, with the designs of the pile and half sleeves, more like a courtyard of a palace style, stacked the hole jeans sweet and fresh, and it is also recommended.

More classic needle striped blue shirt, fine small stripes and delicate, can stack white pants to create a refreshment. It can also be superimposed in the picture, and collide with dark wide legs.

The salt, sweet shirt, has such a magic, and the way is different. It can show different flavors. It is recommended.


Fashion summary:

1. Spring and summer needs a refreshing color point bright wardrobe, and the wild blue light blue is a good choice. Liu Wen’s blue is with a skipped shirt, so that light blue has more space.


2, whether it is a solid color, or the stylish vitality of striped, can be taken from spring to summer, such a classic single product must not miss. What do you think?

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From spring beauty to summer, you still miss one Liu Wen’s blue shirt