White leather shoes will easily appear scratches when worn, and they will be particularly obvious on the white upper, which greatly affects the shape of the shoes. The following No. 5 network editor will tell you how to repair the scratches of white leather shoes? What to do if white leather shoes are scratched?

How to repair scratches in white leather shoes

Once there are scratches on the white leather shoes, it will be particularly obvious, and we can use the following methods to remedy this:

Candle repair method

It is more natural to use a candle to scratch the place where the leather shoes have scratches, and to blow the place where the candle has been painted with the hot air of the hair dryer.

Egg white repair

If a small piece of leather goods such as leather shoes is scraped up, it can be repaired with egg white to make it bond well.

Shoe polish application

Gently apply shoe polish of the same color to the relevant damaged area, which can be well covered so that it does not affect your arrangement.

Find a professional shoe repair agency

If leather shoes are expensive, it is best to go to a professional shoe repair agency after wearing.

What to do if the white leather shoes are scratched

White leather shoes scratched solution one egg white + shoe polish

To prepare a little egg white and white shoe polish, then mix the shoe polish and egg white in a ratio of about 1:1, and then rub on the scratches of the shoe polish.

White leather shoes scratched solution two nail polish + shoe polish

Apply nail polish (colorless) to the worn area, (note: the worn area should be cleaned and sanded first) and then put on shoe polish, and you will be as old as new. You might as well try it.

White leather shoes scratched solution three shoe polish + lighter

Shoe polish + lighter – first apply shoe polish of the same color to the scratch and smooth it, then burn the scratch with a lighter or candle fire (pay attention), let the shoe polish color adhere to the leather shoes, and so on several times. (You can first gently rub the scratch with sandpaper, until the scratch is smoothed, and then apply shoe polish)

White leather shoes are scratched solution four 502 glue

After using quick-drying glue such as 502, glue the rubbed leather surface flat, and then apply shoe polish. If the leather toe cap is slightly broken or the leather is kicked off, it can be sanded and smoothed with fine gauze paper first. Then clean the entire shoe and brush it with leather dye for refurbishment and dyeing. In this way, the question of how to do if the leather shoes are broken is easily solved.

White leather shoes are scraped to solve five leather shoe repair paste

If the leather toe cap is severely kicked off the leather and kicked until it is damaged, first clean the broken part thoroughly, then apply leather repair paste, dry and then polish and flatten, then clean the leather shoes as a whole, and finally brush leather dye for refurbishment and dyeing.

White leather shoes scratched solution six Find a shoemaker

You can find a shoemaker to take a look, after all, it is more professional than us.

White leather shoes maintenance method

(1) Frequently scrub the upper with shoe polish, and choose different shoe polish according to different colors of upper. White leather shoes, if the upper is dirty, you can first use an eraser to wipe off the stain, then erase the eraser, and then apply shoe polish.

(2) If the leather shoes become mildew, the mold spots should be brushed off in time and the shoe polish should be wiped on. When leather shoes are not worn, they should be placed in a ventilated and dry place.

(3) Try not to wear leather shoes on rainy days, because leather shoes are rinsed with water, baked with fire or exposed to the scorching sun, which will harden the leather and affect the fastness. If it gets wet, it can be dried in a cool place.

(4) All kinds of leather shoes should try to avoid the impact of sharp objects. Store in the box to avoid scratches and affect the shape.

How to put white leather shoes on shoe polish

(1) First of all, the dirt and stains on the whole pair of shoes should be cleaned up, and the dust in the seams, laces and other places is not easy to remove with a brush.

(2) Next, wipe off the dirt and old shoe polish on the upper with a slightly damp soft cloth.

(3) Then, apply shoe polish to the upper, and evenly apply the shoe polish to the upper with a soft cloth. If you apply a layer of oily shoe polish, you can make the leather shoes shiny and waterproof.

(4) Finally, brush with a brush to make the shoe polish penetrate deep into the leather, and then wipe it with a soft cloth to make the leather shoes brighter and not stain the pants.