Recently, the silicon metal market began to cool down, according to Baichuan Yingfu statistics, silicon metal has appeared in the top ten list of declines for many days, yesterday was the top of the list, and September is many times in the top ten of the gainers, has changed from leading the rise to leading the decline.

The silicone market also began to cool down, a company in Shandong DMC quotation continued to decline, yesterday’s opening quotation of 57,000 yuan / ton, and then the second quotation again lowered by 2,000 yuan, the quotation of 55,000 yuan / ton. Looking back at the first day after the holiday, the quotation is still 64200 yuan / ton, which is also the highest quotation at that time, compared with the current quotation, it has been lowered by 9200 yuan, a decrease of 14.3%, and some transaction prices have been lower than this price, compared with the previous highest transaction price, the price has been reduced by more than 10,000 yuan. Mainstream manufacturers are still holding prices, manufacturers have begun to increase, yesterday’s manufacturers’ reference quotations are as follows (according to the manufacturer’s quotation on October 21, the price has changed greatly in recent days, and the transaction price is different from the quotation, for reference only):

A brief review of the market

Recently, the price of silicon metal has been continuously corrected, and the price of metallurgical grade 553% has dropped from the highest point of 55,000 yuan / ton to 30,000 yuan / ton recently, with a pullback of 45%. Chemical grade 421# After a period of firmness, the price also began to loosen, with a pullback of nearly 3,000 yuan for two consecutive days. In the early stage, supported by the cost of raw metal silicon, the price of silicone continued to rise and maintained stability at high prices, and the current raw material price began to loosen.

At the same time, the downstream demand is sluggish, the market transaction price has been lower than the manufacturer’s quotation, and the supply of ordinary model products is sufficient, and some manufacturers have greater inventory pressure, and have begun to repair the inventory. It is expected that silicone will also continue to pullback, and the downward adjustment of mainstream manufacturers’ quotations remains to be seen, but the pullback range is related to product quality, and the pullback price with better quality will be less, and the quality of general pullbacks will be more, forming a price difference again and re-establishing the balance.