LISHUI, Zhejiang, Sept. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The new season of new fashion apparel in autumn and winter every year is not only a time for brands to compete for glory, but also a concentrated presentation of new trends in the coming year. After announcing the new brand value proposition, the down jacket has now been fully launched, conveying the brand’s self-breakthrough and innovation.

Starting from the “heart”, explore the awakening and growth of women

In May this year, based on its long-term deep insight into consumer psychology and needs, AILAYI determined a new brand value proposition, starting from the life aesthetics of Asian women, through clothing design, outlining women’s flexibility from the inside out, allowing them to maintain tension in different scenarios and switch freely in different roles

The new products for autumn and winter 2021 are developed and designed based on the new brand value proposition and target consumers, and the annual theme of “Starting from the Heart” is jointly interpreted with the three series themes of “Awakening of the Heart”, “Growth of All Things” and “Urban Edge”, which resonates emotionally with consumers

In Ailay’s new products for autumn and winter 2021, the design concept of “fashion outside, research inside” runs throughout, giving women aged 25-35 the strength to be flexible, allowing them to relax and navigate in different scenes

Ailei believes that every girl has a beautiful side, they know how to appreciate life and enjoy freedom, they gently communicate with the world, but also maintain inner firmness, external tenderness gives girls inner tenacity, which is the innate trait of women, therefore, the new design on the basis of overall comfort dotted with a little ingenuity, so that the clothing gives girls just the right sense of beauty, at the same time, Ailei from the perspective of Asian women, the classic design and current trend elements into clothing design, and combined with Asian women’s body shape posture and proportions , with sophisticated, refined and neat silhouette cuts, making the whole more high-class

The texture of Airai’s clothing is not only intuitively reflected in the appearance design, but also has internal research accumulation as a support for the brand to study the height, body shape, body proportion, etc. of Asian women for many years, and combined with ergonomic design to develop a fit system suitable for Asian womenIn addition, in the study of temperature, the use of zonal fleece technology and carbon nano flexible heating components, so that the body wears down jackets to achieve the most comfortable state so, under the design concept of “fashion outside, research inside”, Through fashion design and research, Ailei balances everyday life with artistic beauty

Down jacket brought”

0 pressure” new experience

The new “0 pressure” series is a highlight of this season, the series uses classic designs to meet the needs of daily multi-scene wearing, breaking the inherent seasonal restrictions of down jackets, and has the characteristics of simple design and easy to wear

This series of men’s and women’s models, including versatile lightweight short clothing, versatile crimping shorts, minimalist shirts and coats for female consumers, minimalist lightweight jackets, portable functional short clothing, slim check shirts, etc. for male consumers, the series presents the fashion sense of products with silhouettes, colors, and wearing ideas, behind which is the research insight of consumer trends, fashion trends, and wearing scenes

These products are from a practical point of view, and most of the products use Ronnie spinning, a light and skin-friendly fabric, to make the warmth light, at the same time, Airai has made innovative explorations on the down jacket dressing scene, such as its dual demand for functionality and fashion, breaking the inherent seasonal restrictions of down jackets, the combination of external wear or inner wear, but also makes the “0 pressure” series into a more diversified daily wear scene, bringing consumers a new wearing experience

In general, Airai has a variety of down items, in addition to down jackets, there are also down vests, down skirts, down pants and other simple and novel designs and cuts, giving these products a different tonality, breaking people’s inherent impression of down

The comfort and beauty of dressing is also a life aesthetic, and from the new brand value proposition, AILEI has launched a series of new autumn and winter products, hoping to resonate with female consumers and help them find their gentle appearance and perseverance inside