Which kind of basin to choose in the bathroom, I believe this is a problem that many decoration friends will be entangled in, today I will share with you the advantages and disadvantages of various countertops and the matters that need to be paid attention to when they are installed.

The basin is divided into a countertop basin, a semi-embedded basin, an undercounter basin and an integrated basin according to the shape, and a ceramic basin, an artificial stone basin and a slate basin according to the material.

The biggest advantage of the countertop basin is that it has a high appearance and there are many designs with a sense of design. The biggest disadvantage of the countertop basin is that the back of the basin is easy to form a sanitary dead angle, if you choose the countertop basin, it is recommended to reserve a certain gap between the basin and the wall to facilitate care; In addition, the use of in-wall faucets makes the back of the basin easier to clean. The junction between the countertop basin and the countertop needs to be glued and sealed, and it is recommended to use GE acid glass glue from the United States with better anti-mildew effect.

The advantage of the semi-inset basin is that it saves space and is suitable for narrow countertops, and the disadvantage is that the back of the basin and the seams are easy to form sanitary dead corners, in order to facilitate care, it is recommended to leave a certain amount of clean space behind the basin. The glass glue at the seam can also choose the American GE acid glass glue with better anti-mildew effect.

The advantage of the undercounter basin is that it is easy to take care of, and the residual water on the countertop can easily be wiped into the basin, the disadvantage is that the shape is relatively ordinary, and there are not as many fancy designs as the countertop basin. The position between the countertop and the basin also needs to be sealed with glass glue, and here it is also necessary to choose glass glue with good mildew resistance.

The last type is the integrated basin, the biggest advantage of the integrated basin is that there are no seams, so there is no sanitary dead end. There are many different shapes of integrated basins to choose from.

Just now we compared the shape of various basins, next we introduce the material of various basins, first of all, ceramic basins, its advantages are smooth and easy to take care of, the surface is not easy to leave dirt. The disadvantage is that the shape cannot be customized, only the fixed shape is available, and when purchasing, pay attention to whether the glaze is smooth and not stained. From a practical point of view, it is recommended that the basin be larger and deeper. Although the small, shallow washbasin looks good, it is easy to splash water when actually used. Compared with appearance, I personally pay more attention to practicality. For most families, a large and deep ceramic undercounter basin is a relatively practical and cost-effective one.

Secondly, artificial stone basin, artificial stone basin its biggest advantage is that it can be arbitrarily shaped, many special shapes are only artificial stone can be achieved, artificial stone basin not only the shape is varied, even the color can also make patterns. Artificial stone basin is divided into matte and glossy two, a problem of matte is easy to bleed, if the basin is accidentally dyed can be sandpaper dyed part polished off. The bright artificial human basin is glazed on the surface of the basin so that it is not easy to bleed. The shiny artificial stone must not be cleaned with steel wool balls or scouring pads, nor should it be bumped or rubbed with hard objects to avoid damage to the surface glaze.

Finally, let’s introduce the stone slab material basin, the rock slab integrated basin for the minimalist style, the shape texture is very good, compared with the artificial stone integrated basin, the hardness and density of the rock slab are relatively high, do not worry about the problem of bleeding. The disadvantage of slate is that it can only be shaped at right angles, and dirt is more likely to accumulate in its corners than curved shapes. In addition, it is necessary to remind everyone that the rock plate integrated basin is not really one, and each side of it is glued up, and if the manufacturer’s process is not passed, there may be glue cracking and leakage. So if you want to choose a slate integrated basin, you must choose a reliable business.