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column. Previously, we have analyzed the typical representatives of 9 styles. I think you should basically judge which quadrant you are in.

However, some students still asked: I am “

The curvature is skewed, and the sense of volume is small

The second quadrant, but you don’t want to dress as sweet as Zhao Liying, what should I do? My understanding is that I want to dress girly and not so “sweet”, but still give people a feeling


It feels like that. Then today I will take the representative of the vitality girl——”

Lin Yuna

For example, talk about how to wear it


Style analysis

It’s still the same, let’s first roughly analyze Lin Yuner’s “

Sense of straightness


Image source Left: Weibo@LIMYOONA90 Right: Weibo @Lin Yuner

▍ Sense of volume

In terms of volume, she gives people a strong sense of girlishness, and it will be watching

Younger than your actual age

, the small floral dress also fits on her. Compared with Han Xue, who has a “moderate sense of volume”, she is like

Little sister next door

Similarly, the facial features are smaller and more compact.

Image source Left: Weibo @Han Xue Studio Right: Weibo @LIMYOONA90

Let’s think about it, if Han Xue came to do this kind of blinking and cute expression

It’s weird

, but in Yoona, it’s natural.

Image source: Weibo @Lin Yuner

▍ Straightness

In terms of straightness, hers


It is very heavy, giving people a delicate and cute young girl feeling. Compared with the spring and summer of “moderate straightness”, you can also see Yoona’s

More curvature

, the contours of the facial features are softer.

Image source Left: Weibo @Chunxia_x Right: Weibo @LIMYOONA90

So we can judge that she belongs to the “deviation of the straightness and the small sense of volume”

Sweet type

Style. Her place is here

Next, we also use photos as examples to give minefields and proper demonstrations to see how sweet styles like Yoona can be dressed.


Great sense of volume

“Small sense of volume, large curvature” The easiest thing to step on thunder is to go to yourself

Diagonal direction

Go and wear. in the picture on the left

Large lapels

For Yun’er, the sense of volume is too great, and it is overwhelming to watch. Right

Silhouette suit set

In addition to the sense of volume, it is too straight for Yoona, looking like a little girl stealing her father’s clothes,

Can’t hold up

This outfit also lost its recognizability.

Image source Left: Weibo @Lin Yuner Bar Right: Weibo @LIMYOONA90

In other words, Yoona, as a Changsheng general who took pictures on the airport street, I found that there are really few photos of her stepping on thunder, and everyone knows the principle. Of course, there are still many correct demonstrations, let’s take a look together.

Demonstrate correctly

▍Casual style

Casual always gives shape


The impression seems to be an easy point for sweet people with “large curvature and small sense of volume”. But in fact, girls with a large curvature are not unable to wear casual style, but it is easy to wear too much if they are not well matched.


“. When choosing pieces and making matches, you are sure that “

Sense of volume

“, add more to it

Feminine elements

That’s it. I will briefly summarize some common feminine elements and neutral/masculine elements for everyone, and everyone who feels like a whole body in the future

The bias is too obvious

, add the corresponding element to it, and it’s OK.

Feminine elements: lace, ruffles, polka dots, flowers, waist cinched, skin, bright colors, etc

Masculine elements: leather, denim, camouflage, studs, metallic, check, dark, etc

When wearing a trench coat, you can use it like Yoona

Tighten your waist


Twisted flowers

Elements, skirts, curls to add curvature. The white sweater on the shoulders, in addition to being a special decoration,


It also reduces the overall sense of volume, and it looks elegant and casual. Yoona’s height is 168cm, and the overall sense of volume has been pulled to the middle, and it can be held in a long jacket, and girls with a small sense of body volume remember to change it

Short coat


The above three sets of styling are used

Extensive skin exposure

Go and increase the curvature. left

Wavelet dots

and the middle one

Bright colors

It will also make the overall curvature a little bigger, and it looks more youthful and lively. Although the shape on the right is slightly straighter, it is also a good set as long as you replace the T-shirt with a chiffon shirt similar to the one on the left

Workplace outfits

Finish. The most important thing about casual style is to express that loose,


No force

feeling, not just handsome pieces. Everyone grasps this feeling and then according to the “

To adjust the matching and pieces, then 9 types of people can walk casually.

▍ Sweet lady style

There are scarf collars and ruffles

There are many feminine elements

The shirt with the small A-line skirt is also Yoona’s most commonly used match. The sense of qu measurement is guaranteed, and she looks like a well-behaved and sweet little lady.

▍ Makeup and hair

Girls with a small sense of volume will be more suitable for pink and tender vitality



Feeling too heavy

of makeup, such as heavy eyeliner, false eyelashes, and lipstick that is too deep and heavy.

Yoona in the picture on the left just made up

Big red lips

It gives the feeling of being 10 years old, and the light-colored lip stain on the right immediately returns to that

Genki girl


From a stylistic point of view, when “sweet” people with a small sense of volume choose colors,

Light color

Tender color

It will be more suitable than dark, dark colors. Of course, it depends on you personally


What color, and then go to balance with light colors.

What can you learn from?

I summed it up for everyone, like Lin Yuner

Girls’ outfit points:

Fit: Select



Short model

of items, such as X-shaped lace-up coats, small A-line skirts, etc

Material: Choose the fabric


of, such as chiffon, knitting, etc

Design elements: Choose lace, ruffles, bows, dots, flowers and more

Color: Select


, light colors

▍What should I do if I don’t want to wear too sweet?

The dress principle of sweet people is “

The sense of volume is small, and the curvature is large

So what if people of this style don’t want to dress so sweetly?

To be clear, the effect we want to achieve is: we want to dress less “sweet”, but still give people a feeling


What does a girl feel?

“Less” is

Small sense of volume

, “female” is

Large curvature

Then our general direction is still unchanged, what needs to be changed is that we are in the “

” on the choice.

My advice is:


Large area

Lace, print, ruffles, tulle

Options: skin-revealing elements, bright colors, soft fabrics, slim waist fit

Everyone thinks when we think a person dresses well

Too sweet

When it is not often more lace, ruffles, tulle elements, it gives people excessive


It feels, just like the picture below.

Image source:

So let’s not choose these elements, use

Clean design

Instead of complex design, choose other elements to achieve “

Increase the curvature

This way it looks a lot fresher.

▍Matching reference

The same is still to give three sets of matching references, let’s refer to the matching ideas.


This set is to use Yoona’s outfit directly, the curved ruffle sleeve shirt with the A-line short skirt, wear it

Sweet little lady

Finish. The length of the coat is slightly shorter than the skirt, which can expose the skirt and make the matching more layered.

I chose a small bag and earrings for accessories, and I also chose the color

Same color

The color will look more advanced. (1) AKRIS Bessy cashmere jacket (approx. ¥30484) available for purchase(2) ISABEL MARANT horn gold earrings (¥611) available for purchase (3) MANSUR GAVRIEL leather shoulder bag (¥5397) Available for purchase (4) Gucci Brixton horsebit leather loafers (¥4956) Available for purchase (5) Vero Moda ruffle sleeve shirt (¥274) ¥GLpWbG9rbmt¥(6) SARA BATTAGLIA Faux leather skirt (¥2444) can be purchased on behalf of you


This set compares


, suitable for white-collar shopping and student party class.

A V-neck cable-cut sweater and slim-fitting jeans will make the whole look even better


Go with purple Converse shoes and a bright yellow sweater


, and with a newsboy hat will make the whole look look more youthful and lively. The girl with a slightly larger sense of volume changed her coat to it

Mid-length model

That’s it. (1) ZOFIA DAY Dash stud earrings (¥1642) Kokai Taotao(2) MANGO slim jeans (¥254) ¥f07BbG9rN9A¥(3) Lily denim short jacket (¥799)¥1D9LbG9rGfQ¥(4) H&M Cableface sweater (¥399)¥R572bG9ImHj¥(5) CONVERSE chuck taylor all star canvas shoes (¥439) available on the official website (6) GIVENCHY GV3 Leather suede shoulder bag (¥14868) can be overseas shopping(7) DSQUARED2 classic newsboy hat (¥2641) can be overseas shopping


This set is more suitable for already entering


of friends.

The suit itself is a straighter piece, with a cinched waist, bow-collar shirt and small heels to balance and make the overall straightness


For matching, I chose a bag of the same color as the belt, and it was also enhanced with more feminine stud earrings


, looks elegant and capable. (1) GIULIVA HERITAGE COLLECTION Wool blazer (¥12424) available for purchase(2) CHLOÉ Tess calfskin shoulder bag (¥12600) Shopper(3) RAG & BONE Beha paneled leather suede ankle boots (¥3562) Available for purchase (4) Lily ruffle sleeve chiffon (¥549) ¥YAmjbG9JloH¥(5) ZARA skinny jeans (¥299)¥2hbdbG9JNdu¥(6) PETITE GRAND Hana earrings (¥1047) are available for sea shopping

Well, that’s it for today’s style analysis, have you learned some more?


Sense of straightness


Image source: Weibo @Lin Yuner

Image source: Weibo @Lin Yuner

Image source: Weibo @Lin Yuner

Image source: Weibo @Lin Yuner

Image source: Weibo @Lin Yuner

Sweet type

Feminine elements