There is no shortage of beautiful women in the country of South Korea;

Especially now that plastic surgery and beauty technology is so developed, not beautiful women will also make themselves into beauty;

But in South Korea, there is a beautiful woman named Zhao Ruzhen who is worthy of the name.

At the beginning of her debut, she had a tall figure, beautiful face and seductive eyes;

Let many people remember this beauty, and various rumors about her are also circulating;

Today we will take a look at her story.

1. Zhao Ruzhen’s early debut experience

Born in 1981, Zhao Ruzhen is a post-80s generation in an ordinary family in Seoul, South Korea;

However, she is beautiful and good-looking, and she has attracted everyone’s attention since she was a child.

Not only talented, but also good at singing and dancing;

It is a beautiful embryo, and her parents have also supported her in this regard.

At the age of 16, she participated in the shooting of cover magazines and became a little star;

Her cover model debut experience created the conditions for her to embark on the road of acting in the future.

But she was still mainly studying at a very young age;

Keep improving with your grades until you graduate from college.

In 1999, she starred in the TV series “I Don’t Know the Speed of Others”;

Her acting career has broadened a lot, and many people have known this beautiful little diva.

There are also many suitors in school;

It made her feel very satisfied and happy, but she still had to hurry up and study.

After graduating from Dongguk University in South Korea;

Already 22 years old, she looks like a water hibiscus, and her figure is even more tall and beautiful.

Because of her early acting experience, many companies have just graduated from college and have fallen in love with her;

I hope that she can enter the acting industry to perform, which makes her enter the show business smoothly.

began her acting career in 2002, acting in three TV series in one year;

On July 29, “Savage Age” began to premiere, so that Zhao Ruzhen’s fame began to gradually rise.

Her beauty, pretlety and sexiness are maximized in the performance of “Love You Without Regret”;

On November 6 of the same year, he played Ning Concubine Jin in the large-scale TV series “Zhang Xiconcubine” costume, making her popular.

Everyone has their own fire, and so does Zhao Ruzhen;

She is young and beautiful, coupled with her beautiful and slender body and angelic face;

In 03 and 04, he was still active on the screen with many romantic dramas.

“South of the Sun” and “Conditions of Love” have released her youthful and beautiful appearance to the maximum;

All over Korea remembered this sexy and beautiful beauty.

For Zhao Ruzhen, beautiful youth is her capital;

Shooting a few more plays while she is young is not only her idea, but also the idea of her acting company.

The entertainment industry itself is to eat youth;

It’s normal to keep up while your popularity is high;

So she continued to work hard and participated in many dramas.

In 06, she began to become the protagonist of TV series and movies;

began to participate in the filming of film and television dramas as the female number one.

“Bloodsucking Criminal Police Law Daolie” is the first movie she starred in;

This movie belongs to the fantasy comedy genre;

Starring with her is Kim so-ro, who is also a very famous actor in South Korea.

Until 10 years old;

She and two other actors starred in an erotic movie “The Legend of Fangzi” and became officially famous.

This one is famous because of the emotional entanglement between the character she plays and the two men;

The film won her the Best Actress Award at the Korean Blue Dragon Film Awards;

But it also gives her acting label an extra large-scale content.

2. Break up with your boyfriend for a large scale

For many female celebrities, do they lack men who like them?

Of course there is no shortage of them, as long as they are willing;

There are many men who are willing to bend their waists, spend money, and fall under their pomegranate skirts.

But what they lack is someone who truly loves them and understands them;

Men who are willing to silently support and love them in the back.

The entertainment industry itself is a circle with more right and wrong, especially actresses;

There will be a lot of scandals, and the actor is in love with the play, and the fake play is really done.

In order to get the role and the director, producer to sleep;

Such stories and rumors abound;

So it is also very difficult to find a man who understands the actress.

Zhao Ruzhen was not as beautiful as she is now when she first debuted;

The figure is also not so good, it is rumored that the body is on the fat side, belonging to the type of chubby.

If you marry home and be a wife, you may be very satisfied;

But to go down on the road of acting, such a figure is not good.

Whether it is because of weight loss, self-exercise, or plastic surgery;

Her body proportions have changed a lot, and she even has the title of “skinny goddess”.

The three measurements are in line with the requirements of public aesthetics;

Coupled with beautiful looks and long hair shawls, he became a famous Korean movie star and goddess.

It can also be found by comparing the photos before and after;

Her figure has indeed changed, and her body proportions are better.

She herself is fair-skinned and sexy and charming;

Coupled with the seductive eyes and the action of stirring people’s nerves;

While she gained a group of fans, she also gained love.

But for the shooting of erotic films;

For many actresses, it is a very difficult thing to talk about.

First of all, you have to pass your own psychological barrier, although it is all for art;

After all, take off your clothes and show your body to the world.

Even after you die, your body will still be spied on;

Such a situation can cause a great psychological burden.

Although for starring in such a movie;

Actresses will get a lot of money, which is higher than the price of ordinary movies.

In addition to the psychological burden, there is also the consideration of love;

Although sometimes it is just a matter of borrowing, clearing the scene, and making a scene.

But many times there are times when fake dramas are really done and fake become true;

So if you have a boyfriend, it will be a big burden.

The same is true of Zhao Ruzhen;

Although he dedicated himself to art, he also won popularity and the Blue Dragon Award.

But it was very bad for her love;

My boyfriend always feels like he has a green prairie on his head;

In fact, how many movie stars have clean bodies?

Finally, after a mental struggle and constant quarrels between the two;

Any explanation pales in comparison;

Once they wanted to let go, almost both of them were exhausted from the relationship.

In the end, the psychological threshold was not passed, and the two chose to break up peacefully;

For Zhao Ruzhen, career success cannot make up for the lack of feelings

3. Paid off 300 million won for his father

Emotional failure is temporary, after a short rest;

Zhao Ruzhen has appeared in front of the public in a radiant manner.

No boyfriend’s bondage;

There are many fewer ideological concerns, and acting in movies is more engaged and unrestrained.

Let many people see Zhao Ruzhen’s hot body at the same time;

I also saw that her acting was constantly growing.

starred in the “Need for Romance” TV series in 2011;

Playing a housekeeping manager in the play, her performance is unobtrusive and very in place.

starred in the TV series “Haeundae Lovers” in 12 years, which is a light comedy;

She played Gao Suluo, a delivery man of live fish.

In 14 years, he starred in the movie “Human Poisoning” with Song Seung-hyun and Lin Ji-yeon;

The film is very popular in Korea.

And Zhao Ruzhen plays a great woman, for her husband and family;

Willing to give her life, but also because of her excellent performance, she has been recognized by everyone.

Zhao Ruzhen with the role of Li Shuzhen in this movie;

She won the Korean Film Supporting Actress Award of the Year and the Korean Film Critics Association Award for Best Supporting Actress.

The achievement of these awards has established Zhao Ruzhen’s career status;

It also proves that her acting skills are not only based on appearance and figure.

In the days that followed, she also starred in many TV series and movies;

Each one made her recognized by everyone.

Hot body, bumpy curves and delicate and beautiful face;

Become a guarantee of the box office, many directors and producers are willing to find her for cooperation;

This has given her acting career more room for development.

Zhao Ruzhen constantly took over the filming;

Even took on large-scale movies, not hesitating to exchange his body for movie roles.

There is news that it is related to her father, because her father borrowed money and disappeared;

He owes a lot of money, rumored to be as much as 300 million won;

In order to help the family and help her father, Zhao Ruzhen can only earn money in this way to pay off debts.

Everyone thought that Zhao Ruzhen could only take on some movies with erotic details;

Often it is stereotyped once it is labeled.

But when Zhao Ruzhen was participating in a variety show;

Successfully whitewashed with his own frankness, beauty and liveliness, as well as his intellect;

Gaining a large number of fans has also made her career better.

In a film called “Parasite”;

She constantly studies the script and figures out the inner world of the characters;

Constantly improving her acting skills has made her perform very well in this movie.

Its acting skills are not inferior to Son Ye-jin and Song Hye Kyo;

It also made her one of the A-list movie stars because of this movie.

Zhao Ruzhen, now 40 years old, is still single;

But her appearance showed no trace of the years;

It is still very beautiful, and the figure is not out of shape.

If you look at it from a distance, there is no difference from a young girl;

Maybe it has something to do with maintenance, maybe it has something to do with her dedication to her career.

For such a movie star, since his debut at the age of 16, he has been crawling in the entertainment industry;

It’s rare to still be happy and optimistic.

As Zhao Ruzhen, who paid off her father’s debts, she won everyone’s respect;

with their own acting skills, with their own filial piety and responsibility;

In particular, her angelic face made her an idol in everyone’s heart;

May she go further and better.

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