In the World Cup, fans stayed up late to watch the ball.

With the cheers on the court, the pause on the rooftop, and the “staying up late” left by the World Cup syndrome…

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World Cup always played in the middle of the night + “I’m a ball maniac” fan =

“Panda eyes” with dry, dumb and thick dark circles

When I got up the next day, I looked at the “stranger” face in the mirror and asked if you wanted to wear sunglasses to work again…

Like us fairies, if you want to watch the ball, you must also have good skin. How should the correct skin care during the World Cup be “prescribed to the right medicine” and achieve twice the effect with half the effort?

No hurry, the editor will take you in detail today to help your World Cup “fan journey”.

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First of all, I want to talk to you about the causes of dark circles,

What makes skin look dull under the eyes?

In addition to some congenital genetic dark circles, in fact, there are several factors in daily life that can easily lead to “you look so tired”:


It is generally related to sun exposure, inflammation, and unhygienic eyes


Generally, due to rhinitis, the blood circulation in the eye deteriorates, resulting in microangiogenesis

Transient vascular pronouncement:

Lack of sleep, mood swings such as crying, or salty diet, ocular edema and pseudohyperemia caused by menstrual periods

Rough epidermis:

Excessive friction, eyelid thickening and deposition caused by atopic dermatitis

The “panda eye” phenomenon that most people are prone to encounter is usually caused by “temporary vascular obvious”, “pigmentation” and “rough epidermis”.

Therefore, eye care, sun protection, moisturizing, eye massage to help blood circulation, do not pull the eye skin is the most important!

△ You see that our cute beans cry and never wipe their eyes vigorously, they are all patted and patted away tears.

In addition to not rubbing your eyes vigorously, using the right care products to fully moisturize and moisturize the eye area and brighten the eye skin is the real “snow in the snow”!

Xiaobian has selected several products specifically for eye care and good reputation, allowing you to refresh your eye skin in a second, and say goodbye to “staying up late”.

Panda.W can be applied to the eye mask with makeup

The first thing I recommend for everyone is Panda.W’s cute panda eye sticker!

This eye patch is specially developed for “dark circles”, and because it can be applied before and after makeup, it has a good effect on dry eyes and fine lines.

A casual search on the Internet found that half of the entertainment industry is in use.

In other words, the panda head on this eye patch is too cute! Bei Bei couldn’t help but want to tear it off and take it for herself!

This eye patch is not like the general eye patch to apply the essence dripping down, but is the kind of jelly texture of Q bomb, the cold on the eyes is very comfortable, the more applied will be thinner, the essence is “eaten” into the skin.

And the packaging is also very conscientious, each bag has a pair of eye patches, individually packaged, not only hygienic but also very convenient.

The eye patch is fortified with aloe vera extract, niacinamide and vitamin E.

Tearing open the package, you can find that there are many small green dots on the eye patch, which are actually extracted aloe vera extract, which will have a good moisturizing and calming effect.

Needless to say, the famous whitening ingredient, vitamin E can play a role in antioxidant soothing small fine lines.

After applying it, you can clearly feel the thick eye patch thinning, the eye skin is fully hydrated, the plump is fuller, and the small fine lines are lighter!

Beauty Buffet Eye Cream

Between the whitening ingredients of niacinamide, which is a relatively “fierce medicine”, some little fairies may worry about eye “intolerance”.

Here, I would also like to introduce you to an eye care product with a similar effect, but with much milder ingredients.