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In order to promote the traditional Chinese culture, enrich the party history education connotation, Qingdao Chengyun Holding Public Transport Group Zhongqing Machine EMT Inspection Co., Ltd. launched the “Strong Dragon Boat Festival”, “The Dragon Boat Festival” is the trial car experience traditional custom service activities. From now until the Dragon Boat Festival, the owner of the vehicle annual review in Zhongqing test is completed. In addition, the owner of the coming review can participate in the experience of the superb balloon, weaving the colorful rope.

The Dragon Boat Festival wears a sachet, the colorful rope is a folk custom, there is a meaning of evil spirits and auspiciousness. Zhongqing test purchase sachet as a pendant with the owner in the car, the fragrance of the wax of the sachet, which can drive the mosquito flies and purify the air in the car. The trial of the owner can wait in the area of ​​the “Cheyou House” owner in Zhongqing, and participate in the experience of sachet production in the vehicle. Hand DIY, sewing the sachet, stuffed with Wushu, making your own pockets or watching the teaching video, playing a creative woven personality colorful rope. Zhongqing Testing uses the Dragon Boat Festival node to launch a creative Dragon Boat truck value-added service. Bring the traditional folk culture into the test station, and the owner is waiting for the waiting air schedule during the vehicle. While promoting traditional culture, it will also make a good meaning, sincere blessings to the majority of car owners. Zhongqing Testing In the “Cheyou House” owner, the owner of the car is waiting for a drink cold drink. “Every year, you can take a truck, wait for the work, you can figure a rope, you can experience the tradition of folk customs, go back to give the child a good color. It is very meaningful.” A annual trial owner said.


It is understood that Qingdao City Transportation Bus Group Zhongqing Machine Train Test Co., Ltd. is located in No. 209, Nanjing Road, superior geographical location, convenient transportation. Have a hard detection technology and excellent testing equipment. The detection line upgraded the testing equipment this year, creating a full model to detect the “universal” line, which can meet the upper line detection requirements of large and medium-sized vehicles and motorcycle models.

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