On October 28, 2021, titanium media paid attention to the fact that the World Science and Technology Youth Forum hosted by DeepTech and the offline release ceremony of the “35 Under 35 Years of Science and Technology Innovation” global-Asia-Pacific list of “MIT Technology Review” was successfully held in Hangzhou Future Science and Technology City, guided by the Management Committee of Hangzhou Future Science and Technology City (Haichuang Park).

MIT Technology Review has always been an advocate and witness of scientific and technological innovation, and is committed to paying attention to technological breakthroughs and innovations. Since 1999, every year we have been looking for innovative and technological young people under the age of 35 around the world, which is the “35 scientific and technological innovation people under the age of 35”. These young people are divided into five categories: inventors, entrepreneurs, visionaries, humanistic caregivers and pioneers, covering but not limited to emerging fields such as life sciences, new energy, new materials, artificial intelligence, and intelligent manufacturing.

Focusing on the power of youth, the World Science and Technology Youth Forum has the theme of “Meet Technology, Foresee the Future”, hoping to take this opportunity to explore the latest scientific and technological breakthroughs around the world, discuss the future development of cutting-edge emerging technologies, and discover innovative applications that may change the world.

Hangzhou Future Science and Technology City (Haichuang Park) is a high-end talent gathering area, independent innovation demonstration area and scientific development new urban area in Zhejiang Province, listed by the Organization Department of the Central Committee and the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council as one of the four major future science and technology cities in China, and has been approved as the first batch of dual innovation demonstration bases in the country, which is the core area, demonstration area and leading area of the Hangzhou West Science and Technology Innovation Corridor built by Zhejiang Province, and is the source of future science and technology in Yuhang District, the leading place of future industry and the model land of future city.

In order to build a high-quality innovation and entrepreneurship ecology, adhere to policy support first, and support the development of high-end young talents, up to now, the Future Science and Technology City has introduced and cultivated 4,630 overseas high-level talents; 30 academicians of the “two academies” and 10 overseas academicians; There are 173 national-level overseas high-level talents and 262 provincial-level overseas high-level talents.

At present, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation is being nurtured, and science and technology have increasingly become key variables in the social, political and economic fields. From the depth and breadth of its impact, scientific and technological innovation has changed the way everyone lives. The future of technology lies in young people. From ancient times to the present, young people have always been brave and brave people, the most idealistic and responsible people. In the field of science and technology, young scientists are often the backbone of promoting cutting-edge innovation, original innovation and key technological innovation.

At the event, Shao Xuerong, member of the Standing Committee of the Yuhang District Party Committee and Minister of Organization, Dr. Yang Xiaohong, co-publisher and editor-in-chief of MIT Technology Review China, delivered speeches respectively, and Mat Honan, editor-in-chief of MIT Science and Technology Review, sent congratulations to the conference by video.

Subsequently, the conference held the unveiling ceremony of DeepTech China Innovation Center. The landing of DeepTech China Innovation Center in Hangzhou Future Science and Technology City will further promote the deep integration of global science and technology youth and high-precision technology with Hangzhou’s industrial development, help more scientific and technological talents and enterprises integrate into the vibrant hot land of Hangzhou, inject a steady stream of impetus into the future science and technology city, and is also another powerful measure for the future science and technology city to create a good atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship, serve enterprises, and promote the development of enterprises.

Subsequently, the global list of the new “35 Under 35 Under 35” global list for 2021 was officially announced, and the Asia-Pacific winners were announced and the award ceremony was held. The winners are divided into five categories: “Inventor”, “Pioneer”, “Entrepreneur”, “Humanistic Caregiver” and “Visionary”. The 2021 global inductees are:

Aadeel Akhtar, founder and CEO of Psyonic

DeepMind researcher AÄRON VAN DEN OORD

University College London and Intrinsic by Adnan Mehonic

Dr. Amay Bandodkar, North Carolina State University

Anna Goldie, Senior Software Engineer, Google Brain

David Rolnick, a postdoctoral researcher at McGill University

Dorsa SadighF, assistant professor at Stanford University

Google Emma Beede

Emma Pierson, a computer scientist at Cornell University

Suacode.ai founder George Boateng

Jacob Becraft, co-founder and CEO of Strand Therapeutics

Janice Chen, assistant professor at Mammoth Biosciences

Jonathan Gootenberg, Ph.D., from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Kaitlyn Sadtler, a biologist at the National Institutes of Health

IBM consultant Kayla Lee

Leah Ellis, a postdoctoral fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Lightmatter CEO Nicholas Harris

Marc Miskin, assistant professor at the University of Pennsylvania

Max Shulaker, assistant professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Clemson University founder Moses Namara

Biologist Nako Nakatsuka, ETH Zurich

Priya Donti, Ph.D., Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University

Google chemist Ryan Babbush

IBM researcher Sara Berger

Sara Spangelo, founder and CEO of Swarm Technologies

Bolt biomedical biologist Shelley Ackerman

Shriya Srinivasan, a postdoctoral fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

University of Michigan engineer Sriram Chandrasekaran

Huue founder Tammy Hsu

Biden administration physicist Varun Sivaram

Virginia Smith, Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University

Shen Yichen, founder and CEO of Lightelligence

IBM researcher Xiao Sun

Xu Jie, assistant scientist at Argonne National Laboratory

Professor Zheng Jinxing, Director of the First Office of the Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Some of the Asia-Pacific finalists came to the venue to participate in the offline award ceremony and share the latest research results, and the 14 winners in attendance were:

Professor Wang Chao of Soochow University

Professor Chen Chaoji of Wuhan University

Song Enming, young researcher of the Institute of Optoelectronics, Fudan University

Chen Guorui, Associate Professor of Teaching Rail, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Associate Professor Guyue Zhou, Tsinghua University

Hyeon Jeong Lee, researcher of the Hundred Talents Program of Zhejiang University

Researcher and doctoral supervisor of the 100 Talents Program of the School of Pharmacy, Zhejiang University; Pan Liqiang, Assistant Dean & Adjunct Professor, First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine

Assistant Professor of Westlake University Longxing Cao

Zhou Xiaozhou, co-founder and CEO of Wankuang Technology

Ding Ye, founder and CEO of Yuanye Technology

Professor Yuan Yifei of Wenzhou University

Professor Chen Yimu, Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen).

Lan Zhenzhong, Distinguished Researcher, Westlake University

Professor and doctoral supervisor of East China University of Science and Technology Cao Zhixing

Other inductees include:

Agata Blasiak, Head of Digital Health Innovation, N.1 Institute of Health, National University of Singapore

Amarjot Singh, founder and CEO of Skylark Labs

Lecturer, University of Adelaide in Tangcheng

Chih-Hwan Henry Yang, Senior Lecturer, University of New South Wales

Chuchu Fan, assistant professor at MIT

Daria Smirnova, DECRA researcher at the Australian National University

Assistant Professor Huang Gao, Tsinghua University

Hnin Yin Yin Nyein, a postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University

Chen Ji, Assistant Professor, Peking University

Jonathan Scarlett, Assistant Professor at the National University of Singapore

A PhD graduate of MIT Media Lab (soon to be an assistant professor at the University of Chicago) Ken Nakagaki

Aliena CEO; Lim Jian Wei Mark, Research Fellow, Nanyang Technological University

Senior Lecturer, University of Sydney Julinen

Assistant Professor of Peking University Han Mengdi

Assistant Professor Ming Joo Koh, National University of Singapore

WeavAir founder/CEO Natalia Mykhaylova

Postdoctoral Fellow, MIT-Harvard Broad Institute; Novalia Pishesha, Research Fellows Fellows, Harvard University

Sunmi Shin, Assistant Professor, National University of Singapore

Assistant Professor Tan Yu Jun, National University of Singapore

Duan Xiaoguang, Senior Lecturer/ARC DECRA Fellow, University of Adelaide

Assistant Professor Yu-Cheng Chen, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

(MIT Technology Review’s “35 Under 35 Science and Technology Innovation Community” Young Scientist Community)

After the award ceremony, representatives of the selected “35 people under the age of 35 in scientific and technological innovation” gave a keynote speech. In addition, the forum also has a roundtable discussion session, inviting selected young scientists and academic elites to discuss topics such as life sciences and cybersecurity.

In addition to releasing the “35 Under 35 People in Science and Technology Innovation” global-Asia-Pacific list, October 29 will continue to explore the current efforts and latest achievements of young scientists in scientific research and technological innovation in different fields. Through the five themes of “Change, Breakthrough and New Situation”, “Sustainable Development Enabled by Science and Technology”, “Imagining the Future Territory of the World”, “Youth Power Leading the Future” and “Deepening the Change from Laboratory to Industry”, more than 30 representatives of past winners and representatives of investment and enterprises were invited to carry out keynote speeches and roundtable discussions, aiming at the frontier and key areas of scientific and technological development, discussing major issues in today’s society and revealing the possible picture of future development.