YourVogue I Sharing is a fun thing~

I haven’t seen it for a long time, and the milkshake that loves to share can’t help but send myself to plant grass with everyone!

What I want to share with the babies today is the ~bag chapter…

If it is said that girls buy clothes and buy lipstick





! The degree, that’s probably that you haven’t seen her buy bags, I can’t wait to have a fixed bag all year round, what classic model is highly practical, (HH is not over yet ☺) See the next new model is like this ~ No, it’s almost this high-value bag (on the road to buying, buying, always carrying out a powerful monologue with the heart… )

So the bag is a magical existence, at least for girls, this is undoubted, can understand~ Even if you buy a hin multi-pack, even if you set yourself a big goal (the last, just the last), but see what you like or crazy hint and then come to a sentence ~ Na

Spicy again, adhering to the traditional virtues of being poor together without money and chopping with hands, the following milkshake gives you fairies a wave of roaring and daily drip bag collection, hands are ready on the cutting board?

That’s right, fairies wandering on college campuses or at the beginning of their careers, there is always a baby for you below~


Coome is a luggage brand from British designers, and the biggest difference from other local brands is ~ it is a brand that loves to travel, so it is more youthful and energetic in design, and it is also more casual, and I think the daily back is super attractive.

Their family is mainly small cross-body, I think each upper body is beautiful, and the color of the bag is particularly good, so the spring and summer back is very suitable, Hong Kong Zhen, for the choice of phobia milkshake, each one wants (crying)!

In addition, the feel of her bag is also very nice, the hardware is particularly exquisite, anyway, this material + bag type I give a hundred faint, the most important thing is that the price is still very affordable, for the student party and just entered the workplace fairies are extremely friendly.


Pedro is a niche brand in Singapore, although the style is similar to Little CK, but the reason why I recommend it is because I think Pedro’s style is very girly and not easy to bump, and it is young and full of style, which is a simple style that I like. What opened was that I felt that his bags were very versatile, and one bag and different clothes could create a fashion spark.

There is also that Pedro’s bag style is very simple, there is not too much excessive decoration, will not be like many other niche brand bags, but after adding a lot of decoration will look cheap, you can imagine that Pedro to its own positioning is very clear!

In addition, the overall capacity of his bags is still quite pleasing, for fairies who go out with a bunch of things, it is often friendly, and niche models also have the advantage that it is not easy to become a bad street, hh must you understand~


Spain’s fast-selling brand parfois is also very, very, very worth pushing, because its price is super close to the people, except for some special models, basically their bags will not exceed three hundred yuan, the price is cute and the appearance is online, but few people know that the overall bag is biased towards personalized pattern design, quite a national style. As a fashion brand also wide to satisfy the absolute niche, bumper bags are non-existent drops!

And there are many styles of Pavwa’s house, for the fairy of bag control, you can have a choice, the appearance and price performance are beautiful, the best choice for eating the soil party~

Urban Revivo

UR should be familiar to many babies, it is our local fast fashion brand, originated in Guangzhou, to be honest I think UR family is very good-looking both clothing and accessories, not only girls but also high-end feelings, simply don’t be too hearty!

Although UR and many big-name bags are quite similar, such as Gucci, miumiu, Fendi, etc., it really doesn’t look like a copycat at all, but is another visual enjoyment~

Of course, I have to say that UR’s bags are always full of creativity, such as this super girly shrimp pink and hot purple, plus the feather design on the back of it are not fairy?

If you like to turn over this high-value and love bag, there is no shortage of fairies to try it, and different surprises are wrapped on it! (Fancy refill~)


There are many bags and clothes in his family that are affordable alternatives to various big brands, of course, there are many unfriendly voices that say that it is plagiarism, but I think the style roars OK, ZARA’s TAF is a girl’s series, the style is more playful and loved, the price is relatively cheaper, and the ZARA WOMAN style is more modest!

The materials are also different, there are weaving, PU leather, wood, plastic materials, etc., I believe there is always a suitable one for you…

Well, today’s bag planting collection is here, I wish everyone a happy purchase!

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