Patented technology for packaging beverage heating device

Packaged drinks are now an important source of water for people to go out, Chinese ten minutes love hot water, hot drinks, in winter, outdoor need to drink hot drinks, usually need to heat the beverage, currently on the market beverage heating devices, most of the use of electric heating, some are electric heating cups, some use the whole beverage bottle on the heating device from outside to inside heating, these devices are slower, large volume, expensive. In the outdoors, it is more troubled by the lack of power supply during the trip, which is very inconvenient to use, resulting in a poor user experience. The following device is designed to eliminate energy consumption and environmental problems, using physical heating, allowing users to enjoy heated drinks anytime, anywhere. It has the characteristics of timely heating and easy to use.

A beverage heating device comprising a first container provided with a heating component capable of generating a hot gas, and a guiding device for introducing the hot gas into the beverage on the first container. The guide device is in full contact with the mouth of the bottle of various shapes to heat the beverage to the desired temperature. Good heat transfer effect, easy to use, easy to carry. This device can heat milk, juice, mineral water, and other drinks, and can also make milk tea during travel, mountain climbing, outdoor sports for everyone to drink. This heating device has a simple process and can be found everywhere in the market for device accessories. Low cost, strong practicality, there is currently no device that can achieve this function in China, and its application prospects are very broad.

The heating principle of this technology is to borrow the principle of steam milk foaming machine, the whole heating process does not need to consume electricity, directly place the heating package in the container, the guide tube is inserted in the beverage bottle, and water can be added to achieve heating. The heating time can reach 60-70 degrees in about 6 minutes, the temperature is controllable, the heating speed is fast, and it is safe, environmentally friendly and hygienic. The picture below is a heating device that can be used repeatedly, and it can be reused by storing itself after use.

This design can also be made into a disposable one, usually folded to the size of a self-heating package inside, with serrations on the sealing edge of the guide tube, and the bottle of different depths can be torn to the corresponding length. When using, you can pour a part of the water from the mineral water to the heating device and heat the remainder, so there is no need to have water in the product for the convenience of carrying. Of course, the manufacturer can also equip an additional water pack. In the picture, there is a 60 g self-heating pack.

The heating speed and final temperature of this device need to depend on how large the self-heating package used, the experiment rises to 60 degrees in 6 minutes, and the use of 60 grams of self-heating package, ordinary mineral water. Pour 100 ml of water from the bottle and heat the remaining 450 ml of the resulting data. For the initial products put on the market, the inventor believes that the self-heating package is more suitable for about 60 grams, in most cases, the 60 gram package can quickly heat a 550 ml bottle of water, even in the cold and freezing snowy night, the inventor tested and found that the 60 g bag can still be very fast to heat a 400 ml bottle of water with a temperature of only a few degrees, but the limit is how much water can be heated The inventor did not test.

The self-heating package sold on the market must have a sealed bag on the outside to prevent the heating material from reacting with the water in the air, and for the disposable heating device, it is only to change the sealed packaging bag that was originally necessary, without adding any parts. Production is very convenient; The price is very cheap; And it has a wide range of applications, which can heat all packaged beverages on the market; And the heating device does not contain beverages in this province, there is no problem with the shelf life of beverages, and there is no loss that cannot be sold for a while.

Since the hot sale of self-heating food, the use of self-heating package is only a single self-heating lunch box to heat self-heating food, the emergence of this beverage heating device, can make the self-heating package open a new market, expand the application scenarios of self-heating package, for self-heating package manufacturers is also a good way to increase revenue.

Disposable heating devices are also very useful for brewing beverage companies, with which people can pour brewed coffee directly into mineral water bottles to make a cup of hot coffee directly in the field.

The disposable heating device is small in size and can be directly put into the cup of milk tea purchased in the supermarket after testing, which is very beneficial for manufacturers of brewed drinks, it does not need to change the existing packaging of the product to achieve self-heating, without the need to design a bunch of redundant parts to achieve the self-heating function. It can greatly reduce the input of new products and reduce the risk of new products on the market.

At present, the patented technology has a preliminary test sample, and after testing, it can achieve the expected use effect. At the same time, inventors are constantly developing and experimenting, and then there will be more extended designs and patents that can be shared. For authorized units, inventors will share other technologies they own free of charge, hoping to cooperate with people of insight for long-term development and common development.

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