Recently, many people’s social media has been brushed by the Olympics, especially the outstanding Chinese athletes, but also grabbed the limelight, just won the double 10-meter platform championship 17-year-old Zhang Jiaqi, in the past two days has captured a large number of fans, she is not only strong, but also quite cute and cute, even the famous host Lu Yu has become her little fan sister, in the process of connecting with her live broadcast, the whole aunt laughed, showing quite enthusiastic. Olympic champion Zhang Jiaqi is really charming! Wearing Anta to participate in the live broadcast is super well-behaved, and even Lu Yu has become a fan

In the live broadcast connection activity that day, Zhang Jiaqi still walked her best casual daily style, wearing a white round neck short sleeves, it looks very refreshing, the clothes are very classic in design, a large area of white ensures the fresh texture of the shape, and at the same time red lines are added to the cuffs, with bright red flags and Olympic icons and ANTA LOGO, which immediately enriches the shape.

When chatting with Lu Yu, Zhang Jiaqi was also quite well-behaved, milky response to various embarrassing questions, not impatient at all, because in the previous interview, because he had expressed his wish for Barbie, after winning the championship, many netizens and fans have expressed that they want to give her gifts, this time during the live broadcast, Zhang Jiaqi was particularly sensible to refuse everyone’s kindness, very confident that he could buy it, it was really cute.

Compared with Zhang Jiaqi’s simple style to wear Lu Yu’s shape, it is much more delicate, although he is over 50 years old this year, but he still has a girl’s heart, which is also very obvious in the choice of clothing.

Lu Yu’s age-reducing cute style outfit

White doll collar short sleeves + short bangs

Keywords: cute, age-reducing, refreshing

Styling highlight 01: Doll collar design makes the look more playful

Although the neckline does not appear in every outfit, as long as it exists, it will always make the look more dignified and complete, like sophisticated

The little lapels will look quite well-behaved


The large lapel design has a clear sense of casualness

, in addition to this, it is also derived

Navy collar, doll collar

and other styles, and among the many collars

The baby collar is undoubtedly synonymous with age-reducing playfulness.

In terms of the overall style, the design cut of the doll collar should be softer, and the neckline fold area is relatively large, which will make the whole shape look more beautiful

There is a sense of layering

, the short sleeves of this shirt on Lu Yu’s body are like this, and the color has also been innovatively processed, and the elegant beige surface is used

Red to outline

, not only

Enriches the styling elements while reinforcing the cuteness of the style

, especially with the improved puff sleeves, makes the clothes look more playful.

Styling highlight 02: Qi bangs hairstyle, modify the smoothness of the face shape

As we all know, Lu Yu’s figure is very thin, and her head proportion is relatively large, and her face is not fleshy at all, almost thin and out of phase, at the same time, her shoulders are narrow, so it is easy to form a top-heavy feeling when dressing.

In order to avoid such a situation, Lu Yu has always chosen

The fluffy short bangs of Qi bangs

Send to retouch, one comes

Qi bangs can cover the high forehead,

Create an age-reducing effect, and the second is that the fluffy short hair can allow

The face line looks smoother

Grooming, a feeling of ruggedness due to being too thin.

Lu Yu connected Zhang Jiaqi to become a fan! Wearing a doll collar and short sleeves to dress up tender, the whole process was embarrassing, and the face was almost thin and out of phase

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