Recently, Ye Yiqian, the wife of Olympic champion Tian Liang, posted a video of two little babies playing on social platforms, with the text: The children’s sports talent follows Brother Liang, and his words are full of pride.

In the video, the younger brother has his back to the camera, wearing a fluorescent green sweatshirt and a pair of black sweatpants, having a lot of fun on the trampoline, and learning his father Tian Liang’s diving movements, spinning and jumping off the trampoline in mid-air, worthy of being the son of an Olympic champion, which is also too athletic.

And the sister Sen Di on the side was also laughing on the trampoline, and Sen Di was wearing a light blue top with a pair of black leggings, decorating his legs long and thin, with a sense of déjà vu of supermodel legs. I have to say that Sendi’s body proportion is too superior, and many netizens said that the woman with the same wind has grown up.

At the beginning, everyone knew Tian Liang’s family because of a popular variety show “Where Did Dad Go”. At the beginning of shooting, Sen Di often cried, and at that time she gave the impression of a soft little girl, but Sen Di was very adaptable, and soon played with her friends and adapted to the environment.

In the following episodes, Sen Disc seems to release her nature, showing her athletic talent, and when completing tasks with her friends, she will always be the fastest child, even faster than boys a few years older. In the process of finding ingredients, other children often can’t carry the basket because the basket is too heavy, the forest dish is poured well, and the vegetable basket with two portions is still walking like a fly, and even the photographer can’t keep up.

Many netizens said that Sen Disc’s contrast is too cute, and some netizens ridiculed that Sen Disc’s sports genes are more powerful than her father’s sports genes.

In fact, in addition to inheriting his father’s athletic talent, Sendi also inherited his mother’s musical genes, Ye Yiqian also often posted videos of Sendi playing the violin on social platforms, it is said that Sendi has passed the professional level examination, this is a typical child of other people’s families, and the style and style blossom.

Who doesn’t love such a great Sen dish?