Candy is a well-known home appliance brand in Europe, especially in the field of washing machines. On June 9, local time, netizen Sanlly uploaded a selfie with Candy’s washing machine on the “casual photo” Haier website, in the photo, the running washing machine was placed with white vases and toy puppets, Sanlly smiled and made a heart-to-heart gesture on the washing machine.

Candy washing machines bring users a smart and convenient experience

The Candy smart washing machine gives Sanlly a convenient experience. It is understood that Sanlly came to study at the Domus Design Institute in Italy, known as “shaking the history of human design”, because she liked the Italian design style, and stayed in the local area to engage in fashion design after graduation. The washing machine at home broke down some time ago, and Sanlly was very fond of this Candy washing machine with beautiful design and intelligent functions when browsing the web. In her leisure time on weekends, she also went to the store to check it out, and learned from the staff that Candy was originally a brand of Haier Group, because she had been using Haier’s products at home in China before, and the quality was very good, which deepened her favorability for Candy.

With the help of the store staff, Sanlly also experienced the smart laundry function of the Candy washing machine. According to reports, this washing machine can intelligently adjust the amount of water and the time spent on laundry according to the actual weight of the clothes put in, which is very smart and convenient, and is very in line with her washing and care needs. “After using it for a while, I found that the Candy washing machine is also quiet when washing clothes, which does not affect my work from home.” Sanlly said.

The landing of Haier’s “European version” smart home has accelerated

In addition to the smart washing machine in the photo, Candy has also developed many products equipped with innovative technology. For ergonomic Rapid’ò washing machines, simply take a picture of the laundry in front of the washing machine with your smartphone, and the optimal washing program will be displayed in the Candy Simply-Fi App connected to the washing machine; A new series of connected ovens that interact with the smart butler through the Simply-Fi App to enable voice-controlled baked goods; In addition, smart home appliances such as the Hoover dishwasher equipped with artificial intelligence (Hoover is a high-end brand of Candy) and the first Wi-Fi-connected wireless vacuum cleaner also bring smart and convenient experience to users’ home life.

As the No.1 brand in the European connected home appliance market share, Candy also accelerated its intelligent layout after being merged into Haier. Following the 2019 IFA GPC Global Press Conference, on May 23, Candy once again brought a number of smart products to the Spanish National Theatre in Madrid, sharing the stage with Haier to launch the “European version” of smart home, further accelerating the global implementation capability of Haier’s smart home.

Candy and Haier have maintained a unified pace in the strategy of creating a smart home ecological brand. Under the guidance of the “single person in one” model, the collaborative innovation between Candy and Haier in the field of smart home will promote the implementation of Haier’s smart home strategy in Europe and the global market, focusing on user needs, continuous innovation, and introducing a richer smart life experience into people’s daily lives.