Perfume, the market is still very large, there are professional smellers, they can smell the smell of perfume, there are many brands of perfume, which grade does this creed perfume belong to?

Creed perfume perfume perfume is the brand of which country

It’s a British brand. Creed is a perfume brand founded by James Henry Creed in 1760.

Creed perfume – ancient and extravagant taste, the favorite Creed perfume shop for European and American royal dignitaries

, 250 years have now begun, in the method of making perfume,

Adhering to the ancient aromatherapy distillation technology, the top ingredients are carefully selected, the formula is dense and profound, and the ingenuity of elegance and madness is amazing.

In 1854, under the arrangement of the French Empress Eugenie, the headquarters was moved to Paris, tailor-made for the princes and aristocrats, and quickly swept the European continent.

At the beginning, it was a royal perfume, and this perfume was designed by many celebrities, including Napoleon, Churchill, Grace Kelly and so on.

Creed’s customer list is like the “celebrity of the century”, and there are 240 custom and public sale fragrances to date, each of which is a legend. In recent years, the most original Private Collection classic series have been reappeared, and Ewin Creed has injected modern elements into the original, which is more close to the taste of modern people.

Nowadays, the brand only accepts 15 private customizations a year, starting at $30,000, and customers need to renew orders at least once in 5 years. You can also spend $3,000 to make a “private blend” from the existing 240 fragrances, and customers have an exclusive right.

I ordered it from Los Angeles last week and waited a week for it to be shipped from Europe. Silver Montain Lake smells good, and I’ve sprayed all over my bedroom, but this bottle is more luxurious, more special. Start with Love in White, presumably love


Can’t stop anymore. Fragrance…… It’s a very aristocratic feeling, and after spraying it, you are the Princess of Windsorburg at the British Royal Palace.

What grade does Creed perfume belong to?

Premium perfume brand.

Creed is one of the top fragrance brands, specially designed for Churchill’s private fragrance, is a tall and expensive perfume brand. European and American royal dignitaries, stars are very fond of this brand, in the development of these 250 years, adhere to the use of aromatherapy distillation technology, in the selection of materials is very strict, the selection of top materials, the formula is dense and profound, elegant and crazy coexist.

Crede CRED, France Creed is also one of the oldest but still popular perfumes. In 1760, James A. Henrik. James Henry Creed opened his first store in London.

The Kreider family continues to produce the finest perfumes in the world. Fleurissimo is one of the best. Prince Lenier of Morocco at the wedding of movie star bride Grace. Kelly chose this perfume.

And Oliver. Oliver Creed continues the family tradition by adding rose essential oils from Bulgaria, Turkey and Morocco, Florence jasmine and iris from Florence, and tuberose from India in his new products.

What does creed silver mountain spring taste like

A calm and ambiguous taste, like an elegant man in the winter wind, no amount of wind can blow away his elegance. A taste that everyone should enjoy, refreshing and elegant, with a gentle and long tail note. The cool and clear like a mountain spring, refreshing, clear, refreshing, and with a hint of chill, is the air you breathe on the top of the snowy mountain, the more amazing it is, far away and gentle.