Following the fluorescent lipstick of CCTV Spring Festival Gala host Li Sisi on the hot search, this year’s Lantern Festival Gala, host Zhu Xun and old artist Cai Qin’s

Barbie pink lipstick

It seems that Barbie powder has a trend of becoming a hot color this year!

Barbie pink, as the name suggests, is naturally a color inherited from Barbie. Since the birth of Barbie in the 50s of the last century, she has been a must-have toy for girls’ childhood, and pink this one

Girly colors

, has also become her representative color.

Not only the furniture and clothes are pink, but even their lip color is pink, which looks very cute and beautiful, and everyone has accepted this setting, and because of this, everyone calls the color similar to Barbie’s lips Barbie pink ↓

Barbie cried when she heard it ↓

However, no matter how much they like Barbie, how girly they are, girls understand a truth, some things Barbie can, but they can’t… this

Dreamy pink

, even if it looks bright and attractive, once it is applied to his lips, the effect that comes out only wants to make people die on the spot, which is really miserable, and my mother wants to tear her mouth directly when she sees it.

Even the claims to paint anything looks good

Lipstick brother Li Jiaqi

@Li JiaqiAustin’s video)

Video notes of @LiJiaqiAustin

Li Jiaqi rolled his eyes to the sky, what a heartache!

Feel like a shemale

Another fashion blogger with a cute and extremely exaggerated expression also tried “powder” by example, calling God oh God!

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Maybelline #P14pm

, fluorescent pink, color saturation is very high, but, good looking X3 is serious???

L’Oréal #N601

, Not particularly Barbie’s fan, but it’s still quite scary after opening it. The paste is moisturizing, this color is amazing, pouty lips, mouth is so sexy!

Because the destructive power of the color Barbie pink is so amazing, almost no one can control it perfectly, and it has spawned an even more heartbreaking”

Death Barbie fans


“Death Barbie Fan”

I don’t know where to trace it. But most of the girls have “seen pink change”, even to the point of “pink panic”.

YSL #22, Death Barbie Fan, can be said to be the deadliest one, today’s champion! It is not an exaggeration to say that the mouth is like the feeling of a foreign black, the whole person is 18 degrees black, and it feels that the mouth is turned out when speaking↓

If male bloggers try Barbie powder is spicy in other people’s eyes, then women applying Barbie powder is self-destruction!

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Scratch the point!

THE FIRST IS MAC’S SAINT GERMAIN, THE FIRST TIME HE PUTS HIS MOUTH ON THE LIPS, HE IS A LITTLE PANICKED, IT’S TOO DEAD! Sexy lips like two sausages, the whole tooth yellow storm! The point is why would we buy? Probably every girl has a Barbie dream in her heart!


@Honeycc video notes

The first one is Armani black pipe #502, not a fairy face value or super modelDon’t buy this color! Similar to the pink rose color system, there is also a bright crystal polarization, OH NO! If you want to break up and want to go crazy, be sure to paint this color, it’s scary!

THE SECOND IS THE COOPERATION MODEL OF SPICY CHICKEN, MAC’S VIVA GLAM, WHO HASN’T PASSED THE TIME OF YOUTH AND IGNORANCE? It’s very dead and Barbie after painting, it’s terrifying! Even the nostrils will unconsciously enlarge, and when you look in the mirror, you feel super black!

Is pink really that scary? Why do straight men like death Barbie so much?

Actually, we should believe it

Straight men’s “intuition”

, which has nothing to do with aesthetics and fashion, but is a natural perceptual tendency of human beings. Regarding the association of pink, there are candies and bows, girls and princesses, delicate and fresh, gentle and sweet.

No matter what style every girl grows up in, when choosing a color for the first time, I am afraid that most of them will choose pink. In the eyes of straight men,

Pink is the color of girls

, full of youthful atmosphere. The girlish face is not only visually good-looking, but also dreamy like first love, and also shows vigorous vitality.

Straight men’s obsession with pink, really

It’s not about aesthetics

, just inherited the natural preferences of the ancestors. Who would have thought that the modern cosmetics industry could make lip colors so rich?

Barbie’s pink color may also have been chosen based on data surveys. Whether it is a white-skinned Barbie or a dark-skinned Barbie, they all love fuchsia deeply, but you can’t say that Barbie’s design does not refer to fashion and aesthetics.

On the contrary, Barbie interacts frequently with the fashion industry. whereas

Rose pink has never been spurned by fashion

。 But why, we Chinese girls “talk about pink change”? In fact, there is a misunderstanding – not everyone will “die” if they wear Barbie powder, if it is a girl with white skin, the lipstick wearing Barbie powder is not so exaggerated, because it is white, and there is no need to worry about dark skin color.

However, saying that dark-skinned girls can’t use Barbie powder is also a bit absolute, and some people use it, and you won’t feel very obtrusive, for example

Spicy chicken lady

, no color will kill her, only she kills others…

Another example, ours

Ray beauty blogger Hana

, what Barbie powder is not powder, the old lady is Barbie Bemba!

No matter what color lipstick it is, you can

Easy to navigate, no difficulty

! (Even so, that’s not a reason to focus on makeup!) )

(Source: Pinterest)

But most girls know that they are not spicy chicken, nor Rihanna, neither so white nor so black, nor so pursuing maverick.

Therefore, when everyone usually shops, they will automatically exclude this color, and only a small wave of true love fans will try it. Although this has almost become a consensus among girls, however, just like identifying green tea, we understand the truth, a large number of straight men may not understand! They rightly feel that

The color of such a young girl, girls will definitely like it

, his girlfriend must be happy to see it…

Video notes from @Meilan Lan

We can often see that some girls complain about receiving Barbie powder gifts from their boyfriends. Of course, many things pink does look good, but lipstick… Good bye! (I want to too, but I really can’t handle it!) )

So, girls, if next time there are really boys who give themselves Barbie powder lipstick, please ask them if they like spicy chicken and Rihanna, if the other party says that they like both,

Make sure you’re looking for a boyfriend or a sister

If it is really a straight man, there is no doubt, kiss, here it is recommended to try

Lipstick Overlay – Easy to save Barbie powder


Barbie pink + orange = grapefruit

Barbie pink + red = aqua red

Barbie pink + brown = plum color

Barbie pink + polarized color = golden flash mermaid Ji color

Video notes of @breedkittencake

Interact today

What weird color lipstick have you received?

How do you feel when you receive a strange gift?

Come and share it with you in the comment area~

Author: Captain Potato

Click on the image to go directly to the video notes of Little Sweet Potato @ Big Mamamack

Click on the image to go directly to the video notes of Little Sweet Potato @ Big Mamamack