The forest breeze is accompanied by singing and dancing, and the small but exquisite island wedding is full of that summer

A small but fine wedding by the sea in Bali

White-green forest dialogue

A chic foliage menu

Flowers popsicles with great appearance

Vintage bikes and swings make for a relaxing treat

Kecak dance surprised who Bali fire dance again

The wedding took place on a stunning beach in Bali, where the sun was not so dazzling, the sea breeze was so comfortable, and 35 of their closest people witnessed a pair of dream travelers chasing love in a cheerful ballad. There are swings, bicycles, touching ceremonies and carnival parties, crying and laughing from day to night.

The wedding scene faces the sea

Ceremonial area

Facing the sea, with a blue sky and white clouds. At the center of the vision is a wooden all-flower door with flowers and green leaves, and a set of log piles of staggered height on each side. A vintage bicycle with bouquets of flowers is parked aside, and the natural breeze blows in and the fresh and cheerful wedding atmosphere is ready to breathe out.

(The main ceremonial area faces the sea)

(The bicycle next to the ceremonial area takes us back to the green days)


Two rows of low flowers lead as if they grow naturally, and vintage gold bamboo chairs are decorated with milky white streamers and floral arrangements. The mottled rust on the wrought iron candlestick collides with the delicate flowers, which is forest and vintage.

Natural wind

Bouquet of flowers

, pink, champagne rose, white bellflower as the main flowers, with green leaves as decoration. The bride holds it in her hand, setting off her freshness and sweetness.

A pair of silver buttons engraved with their anniversary was specially made for the groom, and the details reflect full of love. Every time I see it, I will recall the feeling of the year.

(Fancy Arabic numerals combined with vintage patterns, very tasteful)

Banquet area

A pavilion is erected above the dining table with wooden pillars wrapped around ivy, topped with upside-down eucalyptus leaves, lush and green.

(Edison bulbs dotted in the foliage, ingenious elsewhere~)

(Stakes, branches, moss, forest elements can be found everywhere)

Table setting

It also took a lot of thought, the designer of Jingwen wedding planning chose local leaf materials, and personally handwritten the menu of the day on it, which is very exotic. The couple purchased I Love Bail coasters locally, which guests can take home as souvenirs.

(Handwritten leafy menu, full of creativity)

(Mouth cloth with local green leaves, tied with twine)

(The protagonist chair specially prepared by the planner for the newcomer)

Pre-function area

It’s even more gratifying,

Dessert station

The three-storey naked cake looks particularly tempting, with a fluffy cake base covered with fresh Balinese fruit and a thick layer of cream to make the real thing look more natural and unpretentious. Take a bite and wrap the sweet fruit in the rich cream into your mouth, sharing the sweet joy of the newlyweds.

(White macarons with handwritten letters)

A small cart full of cold drinks is perfect for weddings by the sea. In particular, the “handmade popsicles” prepared by the designer of Jingwen wedding planning for the newlyweds are colorful and make people feel more happy.

(Handmade popsicles, colorful, super beautiful~)

Group photo area

It combines European picture frames, water drop glass balls, white birdcages and other elements to create a fresh and forested small world. The most outstanding thing is the simple wooden swing, decorated with flowers, sitting on it and leaving a few smiling photos, which is quite good.

desk

The Mori style throughout the wedding is made of brown linen tablecloth and shells are freely scattered on the table. The florist uses local materials and hollows out pineapples to make vases, which are more natural and rustic.

Use flowers as pens and leaves as paper. Such a beautiful way to sign in, write down the best wishes to the newlyweds. Take it home as a unique souvenir.

The combination of dynamic and static has become the biggest highlight of the wedding


A local painter stands quietly and uses her brush to record the beautiful scene of the wedding. Leave a one-of-a-kind artwork for the couple.


In addition to weddings, there are many interesting entertainment programs. Invite local bands to live performances, white-sand beach-themed barbecues and traditional local fire dance performances. While attending the wedding, guests can experience the local customs of Bali and leave a wonderful memory.

The Balinese Fire Dance Traditional Fire Dance Show is a traditional dance of Balinese Hinduism. Except for the main characters, there is no accompaniment and orchestra, but from the mouth for the different processes and rhythms of the plot, sometimes chirping or chirping, sometimes roaring, very rich in the rhythm and rhythm of the group.

(Exotic country, a hilarious wedding party~)

Wedding time


Wedding style

: Outdoor fresh and natural style wedding

Number of guests:

35 people

Planning fee

: 80,000 |

Site set-up

: 140,000 |


: 30,000 |


: 28,000 |

Makeup styling

: 20,000 |

Wedding team

Planning + arranging


Jingwen wedding planning


: March Memory |

:V1 film |

: Susu Makeup Studio |

wedding dress


: Xiaoya wedding makeup |

Logo design

: Summer Studio |


Newcomer friends

His & Her Story

Aquarius Woman & Capricorn Man, a seemingly incredible zodiac sign pair. but

“Similar people are suitable for playing, and those who complement each other can grow old”

Groom C is rigid and rigorous, uncompromising workaholic, reliable in work and pursues perfection. Bride L, on the contrary, is often brain-open, imaginative, likes to try everything new, and is not in tune. Their love is like making a dish, the groom is the ingredient and the bride is the condiment, both are indispensable to make the food more delicious.

The groom is not a romantic person but attaches great importance to the sense of ceremony,

He also knows that every girl longs for a romantic proposal in her heart.

So he came to Xiamen, where the bride worked, under the guise of a business trip, and secretly ran to the dance studio to learn to dance with the bride on his back every day, which was both nervous and a little exciting. For him who does not have any artistic cells in his body, the difficulty factor is 99.9%. But when he thought of her happy appearance, he felt that no matter how difficult it was, he had to practice.

On the day of the proposal, he carefully chose a romantic winery.

As the twilight darkens, the slightly drunken aroma of wine slowly flows in the air… Everything is sweetly fermenting. The groom surprised the bride with a week’s dance. I didn’t expect that he would be so cute on weekdays.

The movements are still very cooked, and the appearance of hard work is also funny.

The bride’s heart is full of emotion, grateful for the groom’s intentions.

The bride attaches great importance to the sense of experience, and hopes to hold an island wedding with a cheerful atmosphere, so that guests can have fun while attending the wedding. The wedding style is biased towards forest retro, American countryside, island wedding, of course

Bridal Tips

Preparation is important

Shop around, if you pay attention to quality and high aesthetics, it is recommended to choose an independent planner or studio. Usually, you can look at more wedding cases, and communicate with the planner after knowing it in your heart.

☞ Hotels don’t have to choose Bulgari

We rented three townhouses in Bali with a chef and dedicated butler service. Everyone is more like a tour group together, very free, very fun, and the experience is very good. More importantly, it is also very cost-effective.

☞ You can choose family or friends as hosts

They may know you better, and although they are not professional celebrants, the rough and unpretentious lines make the wedding more interesting and everyone will not mind.

☞ Have a good mindset

Weddings, like decorations, are inevitably small regrets when you’re done. Treat the wedding with a normal heart, remember the happiness and beauty, the wedding is like this, and life is the same.

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Makeup styling

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